Da-da's Psychotronic Catalog of Extreme Mental and Physical States of Parental Vagabondage

Yes. Of course. Whatever you say.
Pater-Morphology/-Morbidity: In this tragic example of pater-parental volition collapse (PPVC), a Mr. Mom's mind and will have totally buckled under the stress of rabid, nose-mining frankenspawn (that is, children) who are constantly screaming, "I WANT! I WANT!" all the time, the Mr. Mom's formerly assertive, two-fisted propriocentrist parental guidance suddenly snapped into a deep neural acquiescence. Formerly the sole bastion of afflicting mothers-in-law and domineering wives, PPVC often leaves the male sufferer with only the word, "YES" in his vocabulary, as he caves to every demand. Freud and Jung, in a rare agreement, called PPVC, "The last stop on the steam line to madness." Oddly enough, psychologists and neurologists studying this malady have determined that women are too smart to let this happen to them.

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