The Last Days of Advertising [UPDATED]

[6YO Nagurski sees an ad full of multi-font words in a magazine, but no picture.]

Nagurski: Da-da, what are all these words?
Da-da: What do you think they are?
Nagurski: They're trying to sell me something?
Da-da: Right
Nagurski: Like the McDonald's commercials. [He's seen them on PBS, of all places, with the sound muted.]
Da-da: Right.
Nagurski: Why don't they use a picture?
Da-da: Pictures can be changed now to look like anything...
Nagurski: So people trust words more?
Da-da: They think they do.
Nagurski: But words are trying to do the same thing, right?
Da-da: Right.
Nagurski: What's that called?
Da-da: Advertising.
Nagurski: Advertising doesn't work.
Da-da: I think you're right.
[Nagurski is officially 6 years old today. Happy birthday, bud.]

[UPDATE: O the irony. This post, believe it or not, brings in fast-food spam robots and robo-marketers like crazy. NO, Da-da will not hawk your stupid poisonous "food-like" products! Do us all a favor and go out of business. Soon.]

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