Who WOULD Fardels Bear? THAT is the Question.

Speak english! Wait, I AM!

Those of you of a certain bent may recall Hamlet's whiney teen soliloquoy. Da-da gets whammied with it every now and again because he had to memorize the thing for an improv class and it won't go away (the soliloquoy, not the class). Da-da especially gets mentally choo-chooing in a circle with, "...who would fardels bear?"

What's a fardel? you ask, WANTING THE TRUTH.

Well, YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH, because it's rather dull.

A fardel is a few things: 1. a bundle of something, or a heavy burden like in-laws, the IRS, etc. and 2. the third compartment of the stomach of a cow, or a goat, or really any animal with multi-roomed tummies for digesting grass, which is nothing short of amazing if you think about it. And horribly disgusting. Welcome to earth.

Anyway, Da-da is talking about the Shakespearean fardel here (though Shakey's so complex, he's probably referring to all definitions), and Shakey's talking bundle-burden. So, who would fardels bear? That is, who's gonna bear the fardels? Wellsir, Da-da knows exactly who's gonna be toting that bundle-burden: Da-da. That's what being a mr. mom/parent is all about. So, in summation, giant slugs of the jury, Shakey's other transmogrified line Da-da ostensibly emulates is thus: "To grunt and sweat under a weary wife..." Indeed. In word. 

By the way, you simply won't believe the level of Shakey mania exhibited by these folks, who scalpelize Shakey line by line -- while failing to realize that "Shakespeare" was actually Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, whose countenance was said to, "shake a spear". And Da-da thought his job was a tedious grind.

Ok. While Da-da has a dysfunctional part of your brain, try a glimpse into Da-da's Shakespearean Tourette's Tragedy, which appeared during a date-night viewing of...? Yup, "HAMLET." And what's a Hamlet? A LITTLE HAM.

Who's gonna bear that fardel ham? DA-DA.

(Uh oh, here it comes... "MACBETH!" Damn.)

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