Testing the Sound System for the Apocalypse?

Testing, testing... BOO!
An apocalyptic pie in the sky was flung at Da-da's a few months ago. He dodged it and gave its filling and delivery some thought. But first, let's review some sky-sound phenomena folks have recorded. Da-da's job as Da-da is to maintain the peace, so he found it damn spooky at first, then it finally hit him what it was -- and it's nearly impossible to fear what you understand. So, let's have a deeper looksee. Don't be scared. It's just a recording.

1. January 12th, 2012; Conklin, Alberta, Canada.

2. January 12, 2012, Czech Republic.

3. August 11, 2011, Kiev, Russia.

4. Then there's HAARP testing recorded by a ham operator.

5. Finally... January 12, 2012, Melbourne, Australia -- an admitted fake.

You can clearly hear "Godzilla" in this one, along with the "War Of The Worlds" death ray sound in various layers with other generic wave sounds. Again, this last one was an example of a fake, to show how the sound could be created and used over video from wherever.


If you listen to all of the above bizarro sky sounds heard all over the world, they sound remarkably similar. In fact, they sound like the same file. While some might be fake, some seem genuine. Regardless, provided they are really being heard and recorded via the sky, they're STILL FAKES. Why? Because they're HAARP, modulating its output to play recorded sounds of terror. The sounds are terrifying and well... deliberately biblical. Horror movie-ish. Speaking as a gentleman scientist and parenting horror veteran, Da-da enjoys a good old fashioned horror movie filled with screaming, but he knows full well it's fake. Take that a step farther. Given Da-da's 20-year research into secret societies, along with his two decades-worth experience with the media, he now watches the world's events like penn and teller watch a magician: he's knows it's all fake. But how did they do it?

HAARP is basically a super-powered transmitter designed to bounce signals off the ionosphere, for a number of purposes. You can cook the atmosphere with one kinda wave, inducing weather, drop the frequency and allow it to penetrate the ground to perhaps influence subterranean structures, or tone it down and use a chunk of sky like a speaker, broadcasting spooky Sounds of the Apocalypse -- or perhaps even a biblical VOG (Voice of God) telling you to do... whatever. Be not surprised then, citizenry of the world, when the VOG sounds in your skies. Or the Trumpet of Doom. Or the Sandwich of Destiny (sandwiches make noise?) explodes. (Or, if Da-da suddenly gets control of HAARP, you'll be hearing Jelly Roll Morton.)

There could be a sound guy somewhere (and perhaps voiceover talent, as well?) who's recently been paid to do voice and soundwork for what they were told is "Fantasia 3" or "Apocalypse Tuesday" or somesuch. If this occurred, they would no doubt be well paid for their service, not that they'd know how the sounds were to be used until it happened. And then who'd believe them after the fact?

If Da-da's hypothesis is indeed true, what does all this tell us?

It tells us that someone, somewhere, wants us to be afraid. All of us. Fear controls people. We already knew that. But now someone is potentially testing a Sound System for the Apocalypse for... what? A future dumbshow coming to a Middle Eastern theater near you? Probably in advance of the main event, to sow mindless terror? If true, then HAARP just became a psychological terror weapon. However, there is a bright side: we may be on to the theater managers.

If true, the obvious denouement for this is staging the Apocalypse. But HAARP-style sound delivery is probably only good for about 100 miles of spread, so they'd have to spread it around. It would be impossible for HAARP to create an effect all over the earth at once, the earth is too big and HAARP is too small. Given the limitations, if you wanted to scare the crap outta people for whatever purpose, would you launch the dumbshow in one "theater," then take it on the road, hitting all the major metros as fast as HAARP's beam could be aimed? It's possible that there are other scale-model HAARPs in locations all over the world, ready for action as repeaters or splitters. A controlled media would fan the flames.

Of course, if the Apocalypse were indeed real, the VOG would be broadcast LIVE with a global -- nay COSMIC sound system rivaling anything George Lucas has. But God is so much more subtle than that; and He's Love, not fear, not someone's silly idea of an Old Testament carnival monster. (Old testy guys, that's maybe why The New Testament got penned -- it's new and improved!)

There's one easy way to prove Da-da's spooky HAARP hypothesis: check HAARP's power bills via FOIA for all the dates where spooky sounds were recorded/heard. If the power was spikey on on those dates, there's a potential smoking gun.

But wait, there's more. Grab a globe. Stick red pins in the following: Da-da. Ow. Now try: HAARP in Alaska's bottom right-hand corner; Kiev (they spell it "Kyiv" now); Bucharest (um, it's in Romania, geo-boy). Tie a string around HAARP and drag it across your globe. It operates LOS. Drag your line from Alaska to Bucharest, Alaska to Kiev, Alaska to Moscow. See how those three lines describe the same angle? "Marching it home," if you will. Now, what's immediately downrange of those three vectors? Apocalypse Central: JERUSALEM.


Then there's the one in Conklin, Alberta. Put in a red pin and pull your line across the globe. What's downrange on a straight line from HARRP and Conklin? Talahassee, Florida, where this was recorded:


Some potential religious fanatics want to carry out some ridiculous Old Testament prophecy (Gog and Magog) by way of this newly cooked-up hoobah about Iran and Israel and everything else, but first they need to scare us to death. Alas, they're not gonna get away with it, no matter how much time they spend on these silly spooky broadcasts, real or fake, but regardless of the intent, THAT'S ALL THEY ARE. Silly spooky broadcasts. Fake videos. It's not real. If we all know this, and know that it's intentional, then no weird sky noise can cause terror. The effect is ruined. Like Da-da said, don't be scared. It's just a recording. Now we just need to bring those who are doing this out in the open so our children can finally be safe from all this crap.

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