The Brother of Contention

Da-da and Ma-ma thought long and hard on timing, and willingly planned to whelp the monkies closer together (well, Ma-ma did the actual whelping; Da-da offered moral support and got his hand crushed). This planned birthing was done deliberately so the two siblings, "could be friends." "They'll be buddies!" was the rationale. Yeah. Buddies. 

Bronko and Nagurski popped out 19 mos. apart and have been at each others' throats ever since, vacillating between Banana Brother and Pirahna Brother status. Da-da has spoken to adults who themselves have siblings close in age (anywhere from 15-22 months apart) and with only ONE exception (out of about 30 people), when asked if this made them closer to said other brother or sister, they paused and looked at something Da-da couldn't see and answered: "No." Yet another pie-in-the-sky theory tossed into the Dustbin of Good Intentions.

Someone's gonna die.

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alanborky said...

Oddly enough Dad-da I was discussing this sort of thing with someone the other day and it seems to be the norm whatever formula you use.

Me mate'd had her second successful pregnancy five years after the first and'd assumed the older child'd be a boon looking after the younger one which at first proved true till Baby started asserting her rights while denying anyone else especially the older sister any rights of their own driving Sis mad by automatically expecting her to defer to her and give her preferential treatment whenever it suited as well as act as butler maid personal assistant headcook and bottle washer but expressing moral outrage if after hours of watching the same video over and over again Sis decided there was something she wanted to see.

My two're now a lad of twenty and a girl of seventeen and the younger one still doesn't quite appreciate how much the older one still looks out for her while try'n' not to interfer and often misreads his intentions thanks to the manipulations of a third party who shall remain nameless.

Throughout our childhoods my younger brother and sister always seemed to be setting me up in various ways but nowadays get on famously.

Part of it I think is the ever more unnatural lives children lead in our civilization but another component I suspect's a kind of biological equivalent of an electromagnetic forcefield ie the antagonism reduces the possibility of reciprocal dependency to the point of leading to incest which I suggest's also partly behind the child/parent antagonism.

Or to put it in one of Rumi's Sufiisms even in the midst of the bloodiest battles forces which seem to be utterly opposed to the degree of apparently being hellbent on destroying each other're secretly working together to a greater end.

And reading your stuff I'm convinced you yourself're definitely a Rummy.

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