It's the "B" Family

Mr. B is chock full of B-plots.

Da-da loves "B" plots. Ok, he doesn't, but he needs a lead-in, so there. WherewasDa-da? Right. B-plot. You know, the part of a movie where minor characters have to do something minor that reveals a minor bit of the plot, but the "A" plot heroes then swoop in and reinterpret the facts and take all the glory and then smooch and drive off in the Ferarri? You can see where this is going, right? Yes. You're so smart. Da-da's life is one big "B" plot. (Ok, maybe a "D" plot, but allow Da-da this little fantasy.). Just like sleuthing out your Native American Name, it's important for family members to determine and embrace their "B" nomenclature, that is, the names that aliteratively and predictably start with the letter B. Why is Da-da bothering you with this, you ask? No idea. But this morning at Da-da's house, 6YO Nagurski (of Bronko and Nagurski fame) announced that his new name was, "BADGER." This name fit so well that Da-da assigned B names to the whole family. And no, there's no magic formula. You gotta use your own creativity, so break out the pull starter and give it a yank.
Da-da's Awesome Family "B" Nomenclatura

4YO Bronko is now, "BUMPER"
6YO Nagurski is, "BADGER"
32YO Ma-ma is, "BUN-BUN"

And of course...

89YO Da-da is, "Mr. B."
 Factually, Mr. B is one of Da-da's file cabinets (and has stopped more than his share of bullets), but Da-da doesn't think he'll mind. Much.

Mrs. B is not amused.

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