Leap Day Rules: Refuting Crappy Yoda Advice

Hey! That's not what Da-da's talking about! Paws off the boob, babyface.
(Oh, and nice circuit board, babe.)

The Pirahna... er, Banana Brothers, Bronko and Nagurski, were watching, "Empire Strikes Back," the other night (for the... fifth time). Halfway through, Yoda starts Yoda-ing about something Da-da's been noodling for years -- specifically, the scene where Yoda says, "No. Try not. DO... or do not. There is no TRY." Da-da stopped the movie at this point to directly refute the alleged sage advice.

Like the song says, "Ya Gotta Try." Doing is fine, but some things you're not gonna do right away. You've got to TRY, first. Sure, one person in a thousand will get it right the first time, but the rest of us gotta try and try and try and try until you get it right and can DO without fail. The DO thing is horrible advice, especially for kids. Don't you kids realize how many times Da-da had to TRY before he could get on an escalator without falling down? It's certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

So... TRY. That's all Da-da asks. That's all anyone can ask. TRY. Sure, you're gonna fall on your face a lot, but it's the first step toward DO. Oh, and Yoda... shut up. Use the Force on THIS, lizard breath. And if you don't like this one, THERE IS ANOTHER.

A little help.

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