Goodbye Tin Foil Hat

Dude, don't tinfoil Da-da.

Da-da reads lots of things from lots of different sources -- left, right and around the bend. Needless to say, the corporate-controlled MSM (mainscream media) have overwhelmingly negative things to say about those who entertain alternative sources of information and ideas, esp. those who suspect conspiracy in this our 24/7 freak-O-sphere. The (pwned) talking heads have recently removed the gloves and taken to blanket defamation, calling those with alternative views or questions -- or worse, those who simply speak the truth -- "tin foil hatters."

You know what? Da-da put some tin foil in his hat once AND IT MAGNIFIED THE UFO TRANSMISSIONS, so they might have a point there. But consistently dissing and labeling open-minded opposition and alternative ideas by offhandedly condemning the act of honest questioning of motives and data... well, that's what the Nazis used to do (and what FOX, et al, now do). It's an old trick called, "dehumanization."

Dehumanization of others is the root of all injustice and oppression. These days, it's looking more and more like we didn't beat the Nazis, we became them. (That's slowly changing, can you feel it?) It's long past time to hang up the jackboots and smell the flowers, time to honestly begin to question how we got where we are, at least socio-economically. Once you understand this, you might have a better idea what direction future life should take, 'cause we can't go on like we've been going. That should be obvious, even to coneheads like Rupert Murdoch. (Oops, did Da-da just cast an aspersion?)

It's also time for a term that describes the wholesale disregard for uncommon sense being brandished in public. Da-da proposes we use the term: "tin-foiling." As in, "Hey, FOX just tin-foiled that guy with the interesting ideas, without even listening to him." Or you could simply say, "FOILED AGAIN!"

So, GOODBYE tin foil hat -- and HELLO chimp suit!

Admit it, this look makes you want to listen to everything Heidi says.


Kids and Remote Viewing: An Experiment

A special post for tomorrow's 2014 Vernal Equinox, which Da-da's getting out early for a few sites. Da-da finds the following fascinating -- and wholly surprising and fun -- as it was all rather unplanned.

Part 1: The Beginning

As a few know, Da-da loves experimenting, especially on children. Yes, he's kidding. He only experiments on HIS OWN children, and then only with duct tape and vertical surfaces. But after reading a few books and stumbling across Courtney Brown's site, Da-da's been doing more and more research on Remote Viewing (RV), the topic and acceptance of which will become white hot in the coming years as more and more people do it with increasing accuracy. Most are probably acquainted with Remote Viewing, but for those who've been living inside a vending machine for the past few decades, check out Courtney Brown's, farsight.org. Dr. Brown's latest RV experiments on the Great Pyramid are EYE OPENING to say the least.

Da-da is rarely surprised anymore, but he certainly was in the case of the above, watching Courtney's DVD with great interest. (Yes, he purchased it, and no, he's not being paid anything for this.) Be sure to visit the, “mysteries” link on Courtney's site and watch the videos. Awesome.

Intrigued by this, Da-da decided to try his own RV experiment with his boys, Bronko and Nagurski, aged 6.8 and 8.6, respectively. [NOTE: This is not numerologically significant to Da-da, but if it is to you, go for it.] Also please note that Da-da did not show his boys the above video.

Part II: The Experiment

With the above in mind, Da-da gave his boys the following target coordinates:

30 degrees,  1" North
31 degrees, 13" East


"Long Ago"

These are the coordinates for the Giza Plateau, which Da-da's boys could not have known about, unless they're reincarnated Egyptologists... which is possible, as most things are. He had not discussed any of this in advance: nothing about Egypt, the pyramids, or Remote Viewing. Both boys know a little about Egypt and the pyramids, but not much. The know nothing about Remote Viewing.

Da-da set them up in separate rooms and gave them one sheet of paper and a pencil and as much time as they needed... which, surprisingly, turned out to be about 10 minutes. Settings-wise, Da-da realized his mistake later, which you'll see.

Nagurski's RV Session

Anyway, here's what 8YO Nagurski saw:

Nagurski's RV session #1.

Nagurski said he saw, “the desert, like Death Valley, but with some big green floaty thing -- spiky -- in the middle of the valley,” with "sand dunes" on the sides. He said the, "spikes," on the big green thing were white and moving, slowly. [NOTE: he drew the funny three-eyed cactus as a joke as he was describing the above picture.] Later, I showed him this pic, which he said was what he saw:

The Nile Delta, under clouds.

Those are clouds coming up off the Nile Delta. Not bad, kid.

Let's return to Nagurski's drawing. He also sketched a cart being pulled by some kind of animal being struck by a whip wielded by a tired driver in a floppy hat. Nagurski said the guy, "was really tired and just wanted to go home."

Above that he drew a cloud with a, "Mount Olympus Temple hologram" coming up out of it [!?], floating in the sky above the cart, a small figure on the temple steps looking down at the guy in the cart. A bit of rain fell from the cloud. Nagurski reported that the guy in the floating temple kept saying, “Back to work!” to the guy in the cart. Da-da had not discussed holograms with Nagurski before.

Bronko's RV Session

Ok, now here's what 6YO Bronko drew:

Bronko's RV session #1 (front).

You'll note that this time (in the upper lefthand corner) Da-da specified, "5000 years ago," as Da-da was not specific enough with Nagurski, who may have seen Egypt as it was prior to the pyramids being built.

As for 6YO Bronko's drawing, he divided his paper in two, as you can see. On one side he drew a pointy building -- almost a pyramid -- with something glowing inside it near the top, along with some other internal structures. Someone stands in front of the structure, looking up and yelling, "NO!" On the right side of the paper, Bronko drew some plants and a guy looking up saying, "YES!" In both pictures it’s raining.

Bronko said the YES guy was a farmer, who was happy for the rain as it watered his crops; the NO guy in front of the pointy building was, “mad because his building was melting, ‘cause of the rain.”

Wow. It's been theorized that the limestone facade of the Great Pyramid may have suffered from erosion damage, just like the Sphinx -- perhaps sparked by acid rain due the eruption of Thera? -- which may have precipitated (so to speak) the initial removal and later pirating of the white limestone casing by later pharaohs.

Bronko had turned the paper over and also drawn...

Bronko's RV session #1 (back).

... a "blue and green ball, with brown here and there [the earth]," Bronko said. "Here’s the moon, and the sun. The sun is at its closest to the earth.” Bronko even has the, "rabbit on the moon" sketched into the moon.

Da-da was curious why Bronko included this earth-moon-sun relationship; he didn't realize fully why until he started writing this up. Bronko saw the earth floating in space, and that it was winter. Indeed, Bronko was seeing the time around Winter Solstice 5000 years ago! Da-da erroneously marked, "summer" on the drawing, thinking that Bronko had it backwards until he remembered that the sun is closest to the earth in winter.


Again, all Da-da can say is: Wow. He had no idea that these kinds of results could be obtained with kids. By comparison, the professional Remote Viewers who Courtney Brown employs have ten years training and experience. Da-da doubts that he'll always get results like those above, but it's clearly the beginning of all kinds of Remote Viewing experiments with kids. And NO, he won't be injecting blue dye into their eyes, not right away (he'll use blue contact lenses to start). Stay tuned.

Before you get in an uproar over testing on children, Da-da had tried Remote Viewing experiments with sheep prior to this, but they had a rather profound side effect:

Sheep and Remote Viewing do not mix.


Da-da Shrugged: Disney's Thunder Mountain Re-opens

Speaking as a former Disney musician, cast member and Dopey Book contributor... well... the above, allegedly refurbished ride looks the same as it did in the '80s and '90s. Sure, there might be a few extra lights and LED fake-dynamite fuses, but otherwise the ride seems identical. Same twists and turns. Pretty disappointing, actually, considering the ride's been out of commission for over a year.

Cave scene from the old pre-Thunder Mine Train ride.

Da-da liked the old Rainbow Ridge Mine Train better. It was soothing and quirky and rather interesting, a cooling change of pace in a hot part of the park.

Probably for sheer moolah/body-count/ride-throughput reasons, Disney has purged their Anaheim park of slow rides like the original, as they did The People Remover and the SkyWay cars through the Matterhorn, which was also a nice shortcut across Fantasyland.

Two defunct rides, no waiting.

Oh, well. Tom Wolfe's been vindicated yet again, Disney-style. Kinda makes you wonder how much money Disney spent on the refurb and what it was spent on... unless the new mine train is to be a fat corporate tax deduction -- or perhaps an NSA surveillance showcase. (Few people realize that the former head of Disneyland Security was the first person chosen for the newly minted and oxymoronic, "Dept. of Homeland Security.") And D-land's new procrustean and highly invasive guest security system should come as a surprise to no one... provided people actually suspend their civil rights and submit themselves -- and their kids -- to it, pictures and thumb prints and all, no doubt shared with the DHS. Da-da, for one, will opt out.
People riding in the dark in the old days. The smell of water was nice.

Oh, well. At least Da-da was HOT back then.


Dianne Feinstein and the CIA Make Up, 2014-Style

Dianne Frankenfeinstein is ready for her CIA close-up. It's a match made in... well, someplace.

The Designated Parent and The Deluxe Transitive Gargantua

Speaking of horrible anomalies and fuzzily untenable segues, Da-da's been thinking about the following for a while... primarily because baseball has been on Da-da's mind in-between shopping for food, making food, yelling at people to come and eat food, cleaning up strewn food, hacking food off the walls, freezing leftover food for that future Walt Disney Moment, etc. Oh, yeah, and then there's Da-da's next book STARING AT HIM from way over there in that pile of notes. GET THEE BEHIND DA-DA, FOUL COMPELLING SERIES OF REDUNDANT COMPELLINGNESS.

Anyway, it's known by most parents, but no one talks about it much. It's nothing controversial, certainly (don't get your hopes up), merely an unspoken necessity that all new parents -- or those fools thinking-about-being new parents (whom Da-da now advises to STOP, STOP NOW and continue practicing) need think about. Then again, if you thought about this at all, you'd never become parents. Unless you were born with brain damage. Or an NFL franchise.

Oh. Right. The point. Da-da's striving so laboriously to make. It's just that, for child-rearing to go as well as can be expected with minimal insanity (ok, nominal insanity), one parent/partner needs to be the go-to parent, or as Da-da likes to call it: "The Designated Parent," or DP. (NOT to be confused with A Parent To Be Named Later.) Said designation can of course be shared by the whole team, which is why Da-da often calls it, "The Duty."

"Who's got The Duty today?"

Being the DP simply means that one of the parents -- or a trustworthy grandparent (sober), or relative (sober), or older child (sober), or equivalent (sober) -- is the person who drops to PT (part-time) or NT (no-time), careerwise, and manage all the day-to-day minutiae that requires a calm and sober, reasonably educated and level-headed and creative, giving and loving caregiver of care and redundancy who doesn't mind not having an adult conversation or ever sleeping again.

Like it or not, you need someone trustworthy to watch your scale-model miscreants and ensure that they aren't playing video games all day or watching TV all day or dismantling the cat (again), and hopefully going to school and doing their homework when required while you plan and procure and prestidigitate meals, jolly the troops into position for said seiges, make school lunches, debrief school lunches, drop off, pick up, reconnoiter, deploy, retreat, run like hell, cook and clean, help with homework, figure out homework, castigate the heavens for such homework, blah blah blah... and then clean more after you've already cleaned. (Didn't Da-da just clean that?)

Yes. You are correct: this is indeed what We in the Royal Navy call:


(Not Matt Drudgery, that's totally different and rather annoying. And it wears a stupid hat.)

No, it's a necessary drudgery Da-da's ruminating. At least Da-da tells himself this. Over and over. In the mirror. With a batarang. So, unless you want strangers raising your kids to be strangers... which is strange, but some people like A STRANGE LIFE. What was Da-da saying? Right, no life. RIGHT TO NO LIFE.

Yes, Da-da's chosen to turn his life into his kids' lives, which might be sad if he hadn't already chucked his sanity out the airlock, if it was ever there. Either way, it becomes an absurdist movie Da-da stars in 24/7, one that no one watches but Da-da... which sounds sad until you realize that this is really the only way Da-da's insane hyperkinetic gargantua progeny are gonna be the best insane hyperkinetic gargantua progeny they can possibly be. C'mon, they always seem to rebuild Tokyo after all those monster attacks, right?

For this to happen the way that benefits them the most, one parent has to be The DP. Or reeeeally good at tag-teaming. Or hire some reeeeeally good people, but then you're back in the strangers-raising-strangers booth at The Non Sequitur, sipping Campari with Joel Gray as Dean Stockwell. Is this thing on?

In terms of The Designated Parent, some people have no trouble with this role, and Da-da hates them, while secretly filing them and watching it at 3:00 am. See, some of us do have trouble with this role. Perhaps because some of us still have a tiny vestige of gray matter -- and what used to be ambition, turned feckless fog -- left blowing around aimlessly in that vast empty parking lot between our ears. Then again, perhaps that's just wishful thinking.


It's Dianne Feinstein vs. The CIA in a No-Holds-Barred GRUDGE MATCH!

In this corner weighing in at a whopping WHO CARES?... it's DIANNE FEINSTEIN!
(Not to be confused with Baron Frankenstein or Professor Umbridge.)

And in this corner... it's THE CIA!  Or is that the NSA?  Huh.  All contenders look the same.
Is Feinstein a Martian, too?

Giant Celery Discovered on the Moon

It's giant. It's on the moon. It's celery. Who knew?

Images of giant moon celery were recently revealed, bringing to light what some see as the "2001" moment for the Ultimate Lunar Bloody Mary. Pass the tobasco, senator.

Giant moon celery will love you long time.

Meanwhile, having given up on things like, "relevance" and "curiosity," other space probes search in vain for giant moon mushrooms and enormous lunar onions, in order to make the first lunar/space mirepois. Hey, Da-da's not making this up. Oh, wait... he is, too. NASA never does that. Nope. Never.

Sorry, here's the original post. Da-da likes his better.


That Persistent Ringing

"Hello, this is monkey."

Just so we're all clear... when you call a cellphone that's either got dead batteries, been destroyed or transported to a dimension where Madonna is still a waitress, you're calling a computer somewhere with a bunch of hard drives in it, onto which your call is recorded to be delivered when you appear on the other side of the universe dressed as a robot gameshow host. You're NOT CALLING THE BEYOND, unless AT&T counts as The Beyond... which it probably does. Glad we had this moment.

Don't go in there, it's SuperJeopardy.

Minister of Low Hanging Fruit Tuesday: LSD and Radiation = Bad Meat Recall?

                                                                                [via AcmeVaporware]

Just a quick connect-the-dots post. Da-da saw the below news item about an animal rendering plant in Northern California being shut down by the FDA:

Beef recall millions: 8.7 million pounds meat recalled, plant shut down

Then Da-da saw this:

Florida Family Hospitalized After Eating LSD-Laced Steak Bought At Walmart


Either that, or the FDA closure has something to do with this (from 2012):

California Slammed With Radiation:
Fukushima Radiation Plume Hits California

All those West Coast cows have been eating hot grass for quite some time now. Both radiation- and LSD-infused meat would cause the FDA to be mum on the subject. Da-da hates living in the future.


Da-da's TOP 11 Harry Potter Alternate Universe Plot Outcomes

Dark Hermione -- who looks just like Dark Willow -- doesn't NEED a wand...

J. K. Rowling, whom Da-da admires and has nothing but respect and admiration for, has mentioned on various occasions what the future holds for each of her characters -- but has, alas, kinda ended the Harry Potter series (despite Da-da's excellent sequel universe suggestions). What she doesn't realize is that Da-da's gonna mention these anyway... which her attorneys will invariably regard with a collosal yawn. Just reference your handy MULTIVERSE OF THE OMNIVERSE charts if you get lost. Ready, Skippy?

[jazz hands; cue announcer]

Da-da's TOP 11 Alternate Universe Plot Outcomes
for Harry Potter and Friends


All the Pretty Wandering Poles (or, ALL YOUR MOON BASE ARE BELONG TO US)

Wow. The biggest mantle in... well, the world.
It's actually much much thinner than that, but so what?

Ah, our wandering poles. No, Da-da's not talking about peripatetic Polish nationals. He's wondering if the earth's core, flagellating hugely and quietly deep within the earth (not that there's anything wrong with that) might be having some impact on our nutty weather. And what else might be doing the same? The earth's core has certainly been taking its share of solar abuse these past half-dozen years, despite the lull, what with the existing north-south/south-north geomagnetic relationship between the earth and the sun.

Here's a little review.

Here's one Da-da prepared earlier. Kinda looks like our weather, right?

Our Shady Planet

A study was recently released this past Moon-day, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, about the arctic getting darker, and thus warmer. This they say, and perhaps rightly, is due to the lack of ice reflecting sunlight back into space, lowering the earth's albedo (and that without saltpeter), thus helping it keep a low profile. However, what the study seems to have myopically missed is that there's currently a metric crapload of white snow over North America and Canada, reflecting sunlight like the roof of a Vegas casino.

Compounding this are recent reports of the Great Lakes being totally frozen over. They typically only freeze half-over, like being half-pregnant, the warmer lake waters warming the cold air coming into the Eastern states from Canada. It's always Canada. Now, with the lakes frozen over, the cold air screaming in... from Canada... is getting colder and creating one of the toughest winters in recent memory for those regions. 

This is the easy part to understand. But wait, there's more...

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