Tao of Da-da 21: The Terror of... THE LIST

Da-da contemplates a Halloween future -- way far off -- where everything on THE LIST has been completed.

Behold a little Halloween snippet from The Tao of Da-da, which is both radiant and horrifying. Enjoy.


A Man Called Da-da keeps his mind -- what’s left of it --
always at one with the to-do list,
or THE LIST as it's known in the trenches,
the completion of which is what gives Ma-ma radiance.
Ma-ma is all about radiance.

A Man Called Da-da sees
tacked on the Refrigerator of Destiny.
How can he not see it? It's BIG.
And how the hell can he ever be at one with it??

He can't, of course.
He can only cope with its omnipresent enormity
by not clinging to ideas.
This is easy for Da-da.
He doesn’t have any ideas.

A Man Called Da-da is dark and unfathomable
because all his neurons have been burnt
by the Ten Thousand Small Noisy Things.
But how, O HOW, can he make Ma-ma radiant?
He can do everything on THE LIST.

Since before time and space,
Da-da has had THE LIST.
It is beyond do and do not.
How does he know this is true?
He looks inside and sees Ma-ma telling him so.


[Excerpted from, The Tao of Da-da (or "Strong Winds CAN Blow All Day, Depending on How Much Sugar Has Been Ingested") Soon to win a few awards! (Buy before they raise the price.)] 


DALEK is There For You


Da-da swears, these things were just sitting next to his stand-up desk, right next to a box of Trader Joe's tissues. Who knew Daleks could be so comforting? Or Stone Angels could be so vulnerable? [sniff] A sign of the times?
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