Ape Scenes From Da-da's Mind-Roasting Summer

Scenes From Da-da's Mind-Roasting Summer
"Hey, you apes! Go roughhouse out front... AND KEEP YOUR STINKING PAWS OFF THE MONOLITH."


The TAO of Da-da -- Now Available

Da-da's third book is available on Amazon 

front jacket

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Christopher Lee, GsYMB

Christopher Lee, one of Da-da's favorite actors, is reportedly dead -- but he's been dead before, LOTS OF TIMES. He's used to it. Instead of saying something so trite as, "Christopher Lee RIP," which Chris would hate, Da-da will instead say: "Christopher Lee, GsYMB (Godspeed You Magnificent Bastard)."

Bronko & Nagurski's First Day of Summer

 [Linkage thanks to Anomalistic Christian the Bearded] 


The Quincunx Has Fallen and It Can't Get Up

For the FIFTH year in a row, Fall has come early to parts of the Northern Hemisphere (in some places, Winter never left), arranged its half-decade neatly into a box and is waiting patiently for someone to wake up and smell the Hyperboreans. Yes, this is Year Five of leaves on Da-da's trees changing early and dropping late May/early June. What does this mean? Well, if you share an open mind with Da-da, you might wonder if half-a-decade's instance of early Fall is significant, juryrigged climate data notwithstanding.

That's it. Just an observation, and lots of questions:
  • Will anyone ever remember the definition of quincunx?
  • Will the sun's slumber continue?
  • Will solar lethargy combine with the 50+ volcanoes going off (adding enough gas and dust to the upper atmosphere) to make Winter 2015 one of the worst in recorded history?
  • Are we on the verge of The Next Ice Age?
  • Will Da-da EVER get World Series tickets?
Da-da knows the answer to at least one of those questions. Koyaanisqatsi, indeed.


"Da-da, What Do You Do All Day?"

Glad you asked Da-da that, Bronko. Da-da makes sure things are well stocked...


...competes in Competitive Balling at a high level...

...turns fire hydrants into Cthulhydrants...

...violates physical laws...

...and he is his own boss. Any more questions?
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