Happy Day After... uh, Happy Tuesday!

Da-da's just offering an opinion, officers. He forgot it was illegal. But DAMN, those hormone pills WORK.

Besides Da-da's allegedly controversial Pre-President's Day post, there's this. This morning, Da-da overheard some folks, queued up at the cashier's, discussing how the Founding Father's would react to present circumstances if they were alive today. After those assembled offered various opinions of Left and Right and the silence finally beat them back to their trenches, Da-da popped up and reminded them that, if the Founding Father's were alive today, they'd probably be waving to us from their prison cells. They'd take one look at what's going on and... well, they weren't the sit-around type. Happy... uh, Happy Tuesday!

Green means go! er, STOP! Wait. It means something, we just forgot what.

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