The Ultimate Anomaly, The Ultimate Future

What does this have to do with anything? EVERYTHING.
You're gonna love this. Seriously. Read through to the end. Ready? Ok. First, let's review:

Media Consolidation Infographic

Thank you, Frugal Dad. Awesome work.

Ok. Sure. Six companies to rule them all. They own all the media outlets. But, fewer and fewer people are watching and reading and listening. Younger demographics might still watch sports, but otherwise, people are tuning the content out. Fewer and fewer people watch TV news shows or read newspapers or listen to news radio -- save for the 60+ crowd, but their numbers are finite and dwindling.

Why is it that people from 50 on down are turning away from the above outlets? Because they're not as stupid as the six corporations think. People are getting smarter on the whole, savvier, and are shying away from traditional news sources, sources that are seen as unreliable propaganda machines, with "shying away" equating to lost trillions of ad revenue dollars. This is all a given, not that the above corps would ever tell you.

So what, right? Well, Da-da is here to point out an opportunity for you moneygrubbers media visionaries -- a "win-win," in your parlance. There's an opportunity for ONE (ready for the oxymoron?) Enlightened Corporation to do a complete 180 and simply TELL THE TRUTH. 24/7/365. Tell the truth about everything. Live. Unpolished. No agendas. Warts and all. Journalists would soil themselves with delight. They've been chomping at the bit for a decade.

Now, if you, Enlightened Corporation, did this, people would notice. Smart people. People with money. And they'd point it out to others. You know, others in your target demographics. And you'd win back whole generations simply by telling the truth. Wow. What a concept. Thing is, IT'S NEVER BEEN DONE.

Think of the countless thousands of years of history and events that could be mined for the truth, showing people what really happened, what's really happening. It would be nothing short of game-changing.

But wait. That one extreme act might cause other media corporations to start telling the truth, too. Truth might become... vogue. (No way. WAY.) So, when a phony reason for another war is paraded before the public, the New Journalists would mention that this was done before, many times -- and quite recently -- just to make money and keep you afraid and separate you from your brother.

So. Which of you media outlets is gonna tell The Cabal to go to hell and run with this money ball? Because increased eyeballs on your content means increased ad moolah and increased share price. Like the guy said in, The Shawshank Redemption: "Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'", 'cause otherwise, you're goin' down. Which will it be, Rupert? Michael? Mickey? Care to see your share price double in value? Triple? Septuple? Isn't that what life's all about? (No, but you're probably just realizing that.)

Now comes the parenting tie-in.

Imagine raising your kids in a culture that worshipped the truth. Wow. We could stop spending money on cooked-up wars and conflicts and -- GASP -- work together, to build a safe future, to build something really cool. If we stopped spending money on bombs and rockets and people not getting along, we would actually be able to build THIS:

What are you waiting for?

We quite literally have the technology and the resources. Our kids could go to Starfleet Academy and be Kirk and Spock (ok, Da-da's are probably gonna be more like that white gorilla thing that bit Kirk's neck). So, let's stop bickering and go exploring. All it takes is a decision to do the right thing.

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