Pretty in Pink Eye?

Merlin debuts latest NSA-themed back-to-school wear for Generation Eye.
Um, pink is apparently the new brown. Or is that salmon?


Give a Bee a Sugar Break

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From the Annals of the Dept. of Homework Insecurity

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Scenes From Da-da's Mind-Roasting Summer

Mind-roasting! Ok, well... a little mind-roasting. Wit for it...

Da-da and his boys, 7YO Bronko and 9YO Nagurski, were driving around town, running errands. Da-da pulled his p*nis-manqué minivan to a halt at a red light, just shy of the crosswalk, where folks were crossing the street.
BRONKO: Da-da look out for those Canadians.
DA-DA: [looks around] What Canadians?
BRONKO: There, in the crosswalk.
DA-DA: You mean pedestrians.
NAGURSKI: Actually, Da-da, those are equestrians.
[Da-da notices that they are indeed wearing riding boots and jodhpurs.]
BRONKO: They're equestrian pedestrians!
DA-DA: Actually, those are the dreaded CANADIAN EQUESTRIAN PEDESTRIANS. Very dangerous. That's why they're wearing red.
BRONKO: Ooooh.
Look out. Those leaf edges are DEADLY.


Antarctic Enlightenment??

Jeez, hurry up with the enlightenment, huh? Da-da can't hold his breath forever, ya know.

What the heck is happening at Neumayer Station in Antarctica? In this time-lapse footage from yesterday, snowcats are seen leaving en masse as if they're evacuating, followed immediately by a strange, station-engulfing light. Da-da's been watching these feeds for years and he's never seen lights on the station saturating the camera sensors in this way. Perhaps someone at the South Pole has achieved enlightenment? We can only hope.

Merlin vs. Chrysler

Like there was ever any doubt.

Finn & Jake Visit Washington, DC


Devil Robot Baby Wishes You A Happy Father's Day (and so does, Da-da)

Devil Robot Baby loves you LONG TIME. Or at least until you turn it off.
Happy Father's Day to all who have to put batteries into these adorable... things.



...paints a tree!! Unchain that being now!                                [via Fusion Anomalog]

A Book Da-da's Head Loves

This was Kurt Vonnegut's favorite book.

Fall Fell Hard and Left No Forwarding Address

Another early fall on the horizon? Leaves started falling off Da-da's trees on June 1st again,
third year in a row. Da-da's suggests everyone buy a reeeeally warm winter coat this year.

That Plastic Look of Education

School's out. Break out the plastic wrap.


Rik Mayall GsYMB

Rik Mayall GsYMB.

Rik Mayall, one of Da-da's favorite comedians, has reportedly shuffled off his mortal coil and joined the bleeding choir invisible. Instead of saying something so trite as, "Rik Mayall RIP," which he'd hate, Da-da is coining: "Rik Mayall GsYMB (Godspeed You Magnificent Bastard)."


"Wat is the Countrey Canada All About?" A Da-da Pictorial Essay Answer

Da-da is nothing if not helpful. So let's take a moment and review a simple pictorial essay he created to explain to you what Canada is really all about, or "aboot" as they say in Canadian (the language they speak in Canada).

Let's start with the Canadian dog.

Fig. 47. The Canadian dog.

Canadian dogs are BIG. And have antlers. If you see one, you should run up and THROW YOUR ARMS AROUND THEIR NECKS. They love that. They also adore fast motion and loud noises. Speaking of enormous animals...

Canada loves the Queen, and the feeling is mutual.

...Canadians LOVE Britain's Queen -- and it's easy to see why!

Canada in summer.

Climate-wise, Canada is a wonderful place to live. Here's a picture of Canada in summer. Good thing school is out!

Canadian figure skaters are always intense.

Speaking of summer, Canadians LOVE ice skating. Here's one of their best figure skaters really getting into it. Sometimes she jumps so high...

She must have reeeeeeeally long arms.

...you don't think she's ever coming down, regardless of what time zone she's hurtling through.

Canadians always know other Canadians.

Canadians always recognize each other wherever they go...

Sometimes a phone box is not just a phone box.

...and are experts in the field of communications.

Rob says, "Hi!"

Like American leaders, Canadian politicians are warm and friendly. Here's Toronto's mayor after a few Molsens. Looks like that hair cream is finally working!

Like a shoe and a bicycle.

Canada loves lumberjacks and Mounties and -- most importantly -- CANADA LOVES DA-DA. Jeez, how could they not?

Fig. 19a. Merlin.
Canada is entirely controlled by this one cat, as is really all of the Northern Hemisphere. His name is Merlin. He likes food and food. And to be rubbed. Forever.

Canada loves cats.

Above all, Canadians are known for having a superior sense of humor, which is why Da-da's secret wish is to be a Canadian. They also pay homage to Merlin as often as they can, in any way they can. Jeez, how could they not?

Hope this little photo essay gives you some idea of what Canada is really all about. Da-da and Snoopy are always here to help.

If you want to know what the "countrey America" is all about, try Da-da's essay:

"RUB THE IDIOT BOX BEAUTY: A Short Definition of the American Character."

You'll be glad you did. Or not.
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