Science Has Been Eating Prehistoric Donuts

Mmmmm.... yummy.

No, it's not a spectral imprint of Da-da's nasal cavity, it's what IBM researchers are calling a "subatomic snapshot of the electric charge within a molecule." Ok, Da-da hates to be a pain, but we kinda already knew what electric charge looks like via what are called, "fulgurites," which are quite literally, "frozen lightning." Check it out:

Observe the shape, Timmy. One school of thought has fulgurites created when lightning strikes sand and fuses silica into glass at around 1800° (3270°F), the high energy plasma flowing down down down (and why does it go down?), fusing sand at the plasma outskirts into glass, yielding a hollow, crenelated tube. Phew. Oddly, fulgurites often take this "churro" shape.

What does this tell you about electric charge? Well, it could have something to do with this shape, but... NEWS FLASH... scientists have fumbled the magic donut once again and missed the point entirely, as fulgurites are in actuality CHURRO FOSSILS. Yes, donuts from some long lost civilization. You can almost smell the cinnamon. Almost. And that means that electric charge is actually churro shaped, and sometimes kruller shaped. Is anyone writing this down?

 Da-da's guessing that these are better fresh, but he's buried some
in the backyard and he'll let you know in a million years. Stay tuned!

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