ALERT: An Astronomical Halloween "Event"? [UPDATE3]

Get ready to duck? Or dance around giggling like a little girl?

NOTE: Updates at bottom. Jeez, where else would they be?

Da-da's been watching planetary and heliographic flux densities for some time (he does that), and it looks like something of a higher energy event is going to happen around Halloween. It might be a good thing, or it might be a no “thing” at all. Like gnomes in your mailbox, YOU NEVER KNOW.

Da-da brings it up as he noticed the neat, 24-hour precision of the energy wave. Who knows, maybe every Halloween has a weird energy wave. We shall see.

Now, here's the projection for 24 hours later:

Interesting how many solar plasma tendrils are 24 hours wide, huh? 24 hour programming?

Note that the plasma density ramps significantly at 00:00 am UT 10/31/14 and drops at 00:00 am UT 11/1/14 -- an exact 24 hour plasma wave. (That's 8:00 pm EDT 10/30 to 8:00 pm 10/31 EDT.)

This happens a lot, o'course, but Da-da's throwing it out there to see if it's significant, considering it's Halloween and all. Wishful thinking, perhaps. Many of these energy waves pass by all the time with nary a notice from us ground pounders.

Let’s see if anything happens. The sun is, after all, a projector of sorts, and that plasma wave could carry any amount of terrestrial "programing." We might get, “DIE HARD” or perhaps (gulp), “PHANTASM.” Or perhaps, "THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES." Or nothing at all. One never knows with the sun.

An amazing topiary representation of Da-da's favorite animated feature, "The Man Who Planted Trees." Awesome.

UPDATE: Two independent sources have indicated that Da-da will be, "jumping-up-and-down-excited as a little kid" about something that's going to be happening very soon. When Da-da asked if it was something good for ALL of us, he got lots of nods. Something has been trying to tell Da-da something for the past four nights (but Da-da has been blocked by something), and this is apparently the message. What all this means is unknown, and whether this has anything to do with the above advancing plasma wave... again, unknown. But whatever it is, it's supposed to be exciting. Could it be... THE Event? Stay tuned.

Note: an "auroral wave" occurred a few days ago. Quite beautiful. Check it out. Da-da had never seen this before, and he's seen most everything.

UPDATE2: Seems the predicted plasma wave gave the earth a glancing blow, so whatever the big event is to be, it seems it's for Da-da alone. Let be be finale of seem.

UPDATE3: Ok, well... SOMETHING happened, or is in process of happening. Da-da just can't explain what. Feels like we made it over some hurdle.


Mentos Rocket to the Face

Um, duck?


Election Day fast approaches, so get your new dummy heads ready!
"Point of order, Mister Speaker, POINT OF ORDER!!"


Da-da Dreams: Lux Aurumque

Break on through...

Da-da's dreams. They've been more and more interesting lately. Why is that interesting? Because Da-da's just an average person. No special powers per se... save for one: Da-da pays attention. Da-da is awake. Rather than explain that, he'll move on.

Last night's dream: Da-da was at some event with lots of people sitting in an audience, waiting for a show to begin. But before it could, everyone suddenly began to sing, "Lux Aurumque" (in Latin) by Eric Whitacre, a choral genius who's not a household name... yet. We were pretty good, for it being our first performance, with an audience who was us. Lux-wise, Da-da's sure you've never heard of the tune, sung a cappela, but you will. Here are the lyrics:

Lux Aurumque
[by Eric Whitacre (based on a poem by Edward Esch)]

[sung in Latin]


velut aurum
et canunt angeli 

modo natum.

[English trans.]


as pure gold
and the angels sing 

to the new-born baby. 

That baby is you, baby. Welcome.

You can hear the best version HERE, by the St. Olaf Choir in Norway, for $0.99. No, Da-da doesn't make anything off it. He just wants to help. A bargain both ways, because you are the greatest anomaly of them all.

Almost there.


A Prison Sign Unto Youse

Da-da's Curious Catalog of the Unsurprising

"Catalog," get it? Vive le chat indifference.

MARS-GATE: Mars Explosion Mystery SOLVED [UPDATED]

BOOM! What the hell was that, NASA-pants? Not that you'll ever tell us. At least now we know.


The mystery of the Martian explosion/energy release has been settled, at least in Da-da's mind. (See bottom of post.) An excellent write up of what transpired can be found HERE. [But not anymore. You'll see why.] The resultant explosion video is near the bottom of this post, and tha latest from Lynn the Internet Oracle is at bottom. In the meantime, watch this video from BPEarthWatch; excellent as always...

...oh, wait. You can't.

The above video has been contested by SLOOH as being in copyright infringement... Google caving in to the establishment, as usual, which hurts them in the eyes of the public, in Da-da's opinion. However, it seems SLOOH is using footage obtained from publicly funded facilities, making their data public and their copyright claim erroneous -- and frankly suspicious. This entire thing has suddenly betrayed so many as part of the MSM story machine, trying to control info to the public's detriment, exposing NASA (again), various astronomers, scientists and observatories -- as well as obvious trolls all over the internet coming out of the woodwork to poopoo this astronomical event -- not to mention the utter silence from the mainstream media and alleged "science" publications. The sudden blackout is very telling. This whole thing is a fascinating klieglight suddenly shone onto how the world really works when it comes to "science." Welcome to "Mars-gate."

So, the video showed some enormous, "magnetic energy ball" (which looks a lot like Da-da's "Death Star" from June of 2013) that may have struck Mars related to the comet. Seemed definite, but who knows? Perhaps some comets are not comets at all, but uber-dense chunks of magnetically charged star cores (neutron stars, etc.) floating around like magnetic time bombs. A serious mystery. Like living in a Larry Niven novel.

NASA's Mars site says that all their spacecraft/probes are working nominally despite this BOOM, but that's clearly impossible. Da-da's sources will have an answer shortly. SLOOH will have to say something eventually.

Sure looked like the Death Star to Da-da. (THAT'S NO MOON.) This thing swooped in from the south as the comet approached and...

And finally, here's the footage of the explosion/energy release that SLOOH can't touch.

And finally, so as not to leave you hanging, the Mars Explosion Mystery is apparently SOLVED:



A [Former] MUST-READ Da-da Advisory [UPDATED]

UPDATE 10-20-14: A few sources are reporting that the ebola meme was created "as a negotiating tactic to pressure the Asians by threatening to use the fake pandemic as an excuse to cut off all global trade and travel. The ISIS campaign was an implied threat to cut off the flow of Middle Eastern Oil." Apparently, some deal has been reached (the Fed goes bye bye, int'ly and the US Treasury takes over, domestically), and ebola and ISIS memes will begin fading from the public eye.


For those who follow Da-da (in case you haven't seen this), he considers the following as MUST READ-y as it gets. Several sites have been taken down because of it. Absorbing the following info and passing it around will help insure that, not only will this balloon have nothing in it at launch time, but also those who created it will be caught, publically outted, and incarcerated.

Before you poo poo this out of hand, doesn't it seem strange that we're not hearing any election hysteria the way we normally do around elections, with a big election a few weeks away? That alone should tell you something isn't normal.

Check it out for yourself. This makes for great theater.

(Veterans Today) This is what we have reason to believe:  There is an organized terror plot on behalf of financial entities to spread Ebola through the United States.  We believe airlines and hospitals are part of it, that Homeland Security and the TSA are involved.
I look on this as an analog of the “Crotch Bombing” in Detroit, Christmas some years ago when a filthy, mumbling and penniless (son of a millionaire CIA asset) Nigerian flew from Yemen to Ghana to Nigeria to Amsterdam to Detroit without tickets, a passport or visa, luggage or even a recent bath.

He flew first class.

At some point during his trip, airport security officials gave him a bomb, we believe at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Today, the same thing is going on.  We have information through private communication with a well known and sometimes maligned foreign intelligence agency that the US has been targeted.

Rather than use a weaponized Ebola strain, people are being purposefully infected with Ebola.  As to who they are and why they allow this, there could be many reasons.  I don’t care if they are jihadists, Boko Harum, mind controlled or whatever, that question and questions like it have conveniently been an excuse for blocking investigations and prosecutions.

We do not know for certain if this involved profit related to vaccinations but we do know that it involves the upcoming US election, oil price fluctuations and manipulation of the US stock markets.

Billions have been lost during the last 10 days but, more importantly, hundreds of billions will be made in what is now a pure “pump and dump” at the hands of the “grand cartel” that Preston James speaks of so often.

Today, Turkish tanks fired on Kurdish position defended by US air support inside Syria.  The Turks are now fighting openly on the side of ISIS.  Earlier to day, the Turks hit Kurdish positions inside Turkey and Syria with American built F 16s while denying the US the ability to use its own NATO bases inside Turkey.

The timing of the Ebola scare coincides with these actions and those behind ISIS, the Murdoch/Fox media group, the Koch Brothers, key leaders of the American right, McCain, Graham, along with the Bronfman and Giuliani groups, supported by Qatar and the Saudi Royal family and the Likudist mobsters in Israel are a good guess.

What is required is broad control over international travel, the media and the ability to move infected personnel into the US, using airlines but also human trafficking methods that Las Vegas and Macao casino bosses know very well, this is how Ebola is now being spread.

We estimate that as many as 5000 Americans have now been exposed to Ebola.
We are asking security personnel to record tail numbers, though the CIA doesn’t always use them, of private aircraft used to transport “disease vectors” into the US and Europe.
We have confirmations that this is being done.  We do not have confirmations as to all involved but we do know the US is targeted and that the intent is to kill as many Americans as possible to undermine social cohesion and destroy whatever confidence the American people have in government.

We have traced financial operations behind this to Switzerland, UBS as handler of operational funds, and a number of CIA contractors as “prime movers.”
This is entirely a move from the political “right” and we have traced direct involvement to members of the Murdoch/Fox groups.

The Ebola scare, which we fear will become something far more sinister than a simple “scare” also is paralleled by a nuclear terrorism scare as well perpetrated by the Murdoch/Cheney consortium on behalf of the Al Qaeda operational group of former CIA, Mossad and Saudi intelligence officers.

My personal recommendation is to close US borders, stop all Africa travel, make medical checks on all air travel mandatory.

By closing borders, I mean “shoot to kill” on the Mexican border based on the nature of the threat.

Then we take a look at those involved, the oil and fuel futures manipulation, the market and currency games and stop the lying about ISIS.

Time we started jailing some, killing more and enforcing some of the real laws left.

Source: Veterans Today

The cabal is out of money. Thus, this is a last-ditch attempt. Be safe.


That Mr. Mom Look of Parenthood

Mr. Moms get no respect. Must be the hat.

A Sign Unto Youse


NASA's Top 23 Future Redundant Project Names for a Redundant Shining Future

Yeah, Da-da doesn't care, either.

Given NASA's fine tradition for completely ignoring anything of interest (their oxymoronic probe, "CURIOSITY" comes to mind) -- or worse, airbrushing out detail that the public is apparently not ready for (read CONTROL) -- Da-da thought he might share some of the names of future NASA missions he discovered when he went through one of their filing cabinets.

Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

1. Project INDIFFERENCE [previously launched, but who cares?]

2. Project BLASÉ

3. Project YAWN

4. Project YAWN II (Legacy Project)

5. Project YAWN III (Legacy Redundancy Project II... er, III)

6. Project APATHY 8000

7.. Project GROSS EXPENDITURE [there are a lot of these already]

8. Project GROSS EXPENDITURE II [see?]

9. Project MALAISE

10. Project WHATEVER

11. Project CANARD [in export for years]

12. Project HEEDLESS LUMP [in Senate subcommittee]

13. Project HEEDLESS LUMP II [in another Senate subcommittee]

14. Project INSENSATE [already installed in all govt. offices]

15. Project FEIGNED INTEREST [see above]

16. Project SNOOZE

17. Project LASSITUDE 3000


19. Project BLINDEYE [a component in all missions]

20. Project FNORD

21. Project MENDACITY 3000 SERIES [a govt. program since 1913]

22. Project INCURIOSITY [already on Mars]
23. Project SLACKER 9000 [just a blank piece of paper in a drawer]

It landed. So, get out already.
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