Da-da's 2017 Back-to-School Fashion EXTRAVAGANZA

NONE of these people will ever get abducted by ETs... or they already were, so it doesn't matter.

Nothing says EVOLUTION-in-ACTION like back-to-school fashion 2017. Talk about fin d'siecle. I suppose this could all be a reaction to people NOT wanting to be abducted by ETs or what have you, or perhaps they're so bored that they're one step away from wearing old appliance boxes with arm-holes cut out. Anyway, here are Da-da's picks for 2017's most incomprehensible (and mostly male, since Da-da has boys) fashion that you hope you never see in person -- and especially hope no one in your family actually paid retail for. What's most interesting is that it's getting more and more difficult for men to look *unintentionally* stupid: gene-pool removal seems to have become a conscious choice of late. Probably for the best. Here we go:

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