That Absquatulating, Pre-Tax Look of Parenthood

Run, Timmy... RUN.

It's usually around Thursday when the run-like-hell urge jells in taxpayers. Absquatulation does no good, however, because they put chips in your head and can find you anywhere (esp. if you use a microwave or put aluminum foil in your hat). Feels good to run, though -- and that aluminum foil breeds confidence! Aaaand at least you get that $50-off coupon for kids; you'd think it'd be more, as They (who are they, anyway?) need all of us to breed more taxpayers. Da-da himself is merely a eugenics/taxation experiment, yay. Parents will note that the powers that be won't let you leave the hospital without first securing for your newly minted little taxpayer what used to be called a, "social security number," but has denigrated into the damnable rubric: "taxpayer ID number." Didn't someone already fight a war over taxation without representation?

Da-da must flee this, "Global Force for Peace." He can't afford it. No one can.

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