Why Nurses Should Run the World (or, YOUR THORAZINE DRIP IS READY, SENATOR)

Like Vegas waitresses, nurses have seen it all. Unlike Vegas waitresses, nurses are too practical for wigs.

Nurses should run the world. Think about it. Nurses are like Super Parents: they have all the necessary parenting skills, PLUS they know how to fix (or sedate) you if you get into trouble. So many people need sedation before they get themselves (or any of us) into any more trouble. They can clean up things and see things that would make most people run screaming into the night AND they do it with calm and poise and efficiency. No one in the White House or Congress or Wall Street or in either political party have any of those qualities. AND, bet you never thought about how the capabilities of nurses today are whole orders of magnitude greater than those of doctors just 100 years ago.

Speaking of 100 years ago... Da-da would be a nurse in a second, as blood spurting in his eyes and brains in his cereal bowl are no problem for Da-da... but the smell of barf and Grape Nuts put him right over the edge.

Nurses are more powerful than manly men in boxes -- or even Grape Nuts. And they certainly
wouldn't put up with this kind of nonsense. Coffee enemas for everyone in Sector 7.
All political candidates are officially on 1000 cc thorazine drips for the duration.


Anonymous said...

You're not talking about Britain's NHS nurses, are you?

A Man Called Da-da said...

Da-da was referencing generic nurse-type folk. Why, are Britain's NHS nurses raving werewolves?

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