Archaeo-Da-da: The Toltec Man in the Moon?

Da-da was looking at the full moon last night, thinking of how the French see a rabbit in the moon (see the ears?), while other cultures see a wombat (mmm, no), a chicken fighting a rabbit, the Ali/Frazier fight, a MAN in the moon, etc. Then Da-da's archeological studies kicked in and he saw something familiar. Could that classic pre-Columbian, Central Mexican statue known as, "Chac-Mool," be the ancient Olmec/Toltec/Mayan, "Man in the Moon"? Sure looks like it.

By the way, this is Science... er, Archaeo-Da-da's theory (Indy Da-da?), so if you're going to propagate the above, please credit Da-da. Don't make Da-da use his trowel as a weapon.

1 comment:

alanborky said...

I think you're onto something mate!

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