Da-da Wins Two Blogger's Choice Awards: Best Parenting Blog and "HOTTEST DADDY BLOGGER"

Huh. It's not been announced yet, but Da-da just discovered that he's won two Blogger's Choice Awards: "Best Parenting Blog," and, "HOTTEST DADDY BLOGGER" for 2011-2012. That's pretty nutty, but after people figured it out, the line to TOUCH Da-da stretched around the block... that is, until Da-da made an appearance in his boxer shorts. Currently in line are a dog (and ugly dog) and a bill collector (who's not half-bad) -- AND NEITHER OF THEM WANT A KISS. Da-da will just have to drink and polish his 17-foot trophies alone. [sniff] Many thanks to all who voted for Da-da in the finals. This is all a complete surprise to Da-da, as he didn't even know he was a finalist!

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Counting Caballeros said...

Well I was up for Best Parenting Blog as well, so congratulations! And incidentally, I am the "Hottest Mommy Blogger" winner. I am going to go and have a Glamour Shots makeover and photosession to celebrate and to fool my readers into thinking that this award might be indicative of how I actually look in my yoga pants and husband's old t-shirts while not wearing any make-up and sitting on my couch with my laptop,typing my blog and Facebook updates.

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