The Aquabats...

Why are they all dressed like Da-da?? THAT'S COPYRIGHT VIOLATION.

...are incredibly stupid, make little sense, feature ludicrous plots, schizoidy punky rocky music, an ugly recreational vehicle, cheesy rubberoid monsters, cheesy shots, horrid acting and embarrassingly bad production value... THREE THUMBS UP FROM DA-DA! And from Bronko and Nagurski, The Fearless Monster Hunters... NINE STAKES! Or tentacles. Or something gooey. Whatever.

The Aquabats Supershow, now on The Hub, if you get that channel (yes, it's geared toward kids), is an extension of the Aquabats' already awesome musical stage act (where monsters invade every song) from the Roaring '90s. Da-da has already started writing their next season scriptage!

Listen for the voice of Plankton from Sponge Bob, and... Da-da's laser ears are detecting either an uncredited Danny Elfman singing the title track, or the uncanny Elfmanesque stylings of the MC Bat Commander channeling the Oingo and the Boingo. What Da-da can't figure out is how they these dorks figured out how to DRESS LIKE DA-DA. Anyway, Da-da says check it out. (Great site, too.)

They even eat like Da-da. SHOCKING.

UPDATE: The show seems to be losing proton spin as of this pre-apocalyptic writing (5/19/12), perhaps due to other directors smoking too much latex. The first few episodes showed great promise, but the latter ones are not as well written/directed -- except for the Pilgrim Boy non sequitur one. Simply awesome.

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