Forget It Jake, It's Bunnytown II: Mastering Your Inner Psycho Bunny

It's hard being The Easter Bunny.

Da-da was sitting in his stinky wondrous Easter Bunny costume at the park de la amusement the other day, sitting alone on a break amidst a lovely Japanese garden tucked behind a building full of of greasy alien machinery, its grind blissfully muted by a blustery storm. All was quiet... well, as quiet as an amusement park in a storm can be. However, Inner Peace was within Da-da's bunny grasp... but it's kinda tough to achieve Inner Peace when you're wearing a odiferous 60-pound bunny costume in a storm in an amusement park. Regardless, Da-da exerted a firm, superbunny superhuman control of his inner psycho-bunny giant vegetable Da-da and was enjoying the sound of the wind, the scent of the rain, when a pubescent voice from beyond cleaved Da-da's rabbit reverie...


So much for Inner Peace. Inner Psycho Bunny Activated.

You are officially hosed. (This is by one of Da-da's fav artists, Michael Sowa.)

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