THE INVITATION (or, "That Persistent Ringing in the North")

That ringing in your ears might not be what you think it is.
It's not in your ears, Timmy.

Time for a secret: that ringing in your ears might not be what you think it is. (NOTE: we're talking high-pitched tones, not annoying buzzing.)

Da-da's been dragging his feet on writing about this, as it was to be the core of a book he was writing, but the info is simply too important and timely not to share right now. Da-da has lots of other books he can write, anyway.

Not sure if a lot of folks are complaining about this, but Da-da has seen an increase in the amount of spam associated with ridding oneself of tinnitus, that persistent ringing or buzzing in the ears. There's just one problem with that: for a lot of you, it's not a medical condition at all: IT'S AN INVITATION.

The fact that someone is spamming about eradicating tinnitus might mean someone's trying to keep this invitation from you. Or it just means you have tinnitus.

However, for some of you, that ringing in your ears isn't ringing in your ears at all: it's ringing in your head, between your ears. It's coming from your pineal gland, acting as a sort of gateway to life-changing information. For those with this "condition," you're quite literally hearing an invitation from the Oversoul -- from that larger part of you, of all of us; we're all connected to it -- an invitation to tune in and listen.

So... try it.

Quiet your mind. (The more you practice quieting your mind, the faster you get to quiet, so don't be dismayed if it takes you some time to achieve quiet.) Then, without straining, concentrate on the sound you hear. Locate its source. Embrace it. When you dive into it, you'll notice that it's actually many musical tones, creating a, "super chord." The different pitches are different voices, with a higher purpose. It's important not to strain, as this can close things off. Relax.

The tone is is calling on you to add your inner voice to the larger VOICE, to vibrate at a certain frequency. Think of it as a massive tuning note before the actual performance is to take place -- a performance that will occur once we're all assembled. This is unstoppable, and transformative.

It might sound crazy (bu-dump-bump), but you are literally part of an infinite, cosmic musical group, nearly unimaginable in scope, a group getting ready to sing a song of SOURCE since before time. Once we're all in tune and alert...

Da-da hears this tone as he writes this. Since he has perfect pitch, he has the ability to tell you with great authority that it's an ultra-high B-flat (432 MHz, but up a zillion octaves), part of a seriously dominant chord. It's awesome.

Meditate on the pitch and see what happens.

If you start wearing colorful suits and helmets, this is what'll happen.

[NOTE: Da-da is NOT suggesting you go off your meds, if you're taking them for schizophrenia or somesuch. However, it should be noted that Da-da knows a few psychics who were seriously dosed with drugs by the medical establishment because they mistakenly spoke to their doctors about hearing and seeing things the norms couldn't see, and these drugs completely suppressed their gifts. Also, when you suddenly see your email box full of SPAM re: the treatment of tinnitus, something might be trying to keep you from discovering something.]

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747 said...

Fascinating! Love your blog, except I'm going to get nothing done but read all the articles.

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