Big Science LIVES

You know you want one.

Large Hadron Super Colliders be damned, Da-da's portable family room version is not only a huge waste of foil and cardboard, IT CAN ALSO STEAM VEGETABLES. Yes, Da-da's awesome foil-tech masterpiece is a gross waste of domestic resources, but hey: BIG SCIENCE IS EXPENSIVE. Da-da did have economy in mind though. What you see here is not only a space capsule and time machine, it's also a transmogrification chamber. Like Da-da, it's admittedly a little spurious and not without it's design flaws, like when we sent Bronko back to the Cretaceous Period and hit the transmogrifier button at the same time, but his fins glow a pretty blue when he breathes fire.

Bronko emerges after a time machine/transmogrifier accident wiser, and with a thicker skin.

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Stay At Home Dad said...

I bet it would also be good for protecting precious digital equipment from any EMP's that might occur.

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