Pay No Attention to the Granddaddy Death Star in Front of the Curtain

The original video is now gone. Here's a still of another.

On the heels of the March solar wind reversal and potential death star/NASA glitch invasion of 2010, we now have this. It's big. It's really big. If it's real. Some are already calling it dust inside the camera. Anyway, if this new gynormous death star emerging from the sun turns out to be real, it's bigger than Jupiter, and if it parks off our bow... well, get ready for some eclipses. Or a new lens brush. And get Da-da to a nunnery (he's heard they make really good coffee, which the lady narrating this video may desperately need. Da-da had to turn the sound off after a while.) Either way, it's looking more and more like NASA's crow pie is just about done.

UPDATE: And now as of 5/6/12, NASA's SOHO satellite and a lot of USGS sensors are down, with SOHO in a time-consuming, "emergency sun reacquisition mode." [Sigh.] Once all the lying is done and the dust settles in the coming months, we are all going to make lying to the public a capital crime, without appeal.

Hi. Don't hurt me.

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