NBC Affiliate Steals From Da-da?

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Boy, this isn't what flu-ridden Da-da needs. He knows that it's better to be stolen from than have to steal, but this is pretty lame, as this guy gets paid and Da-da has to clean the kitchen again and again and again... even if he's sick (can you hear the violins? or are those Da-da's tendons?). Anyway, looks like a writer at an NBC affiliate lifted Da-da's story and source from his Monday post, "Your Future May Vary -- A LOT."

Here's the link.

Da-da will remove the curse he's placed on NBC if they clean Da-da's kitchen and stop showing R-rated commercials during football games. (Yes, that means cleaning the oven, too, Vlad.) There is that old adage, "mediocre minds think alike" to consider, but Da-da has no mind left, so this shorts no shrift in Da-da's shorts.

Da-da's mind is down there somewhere. Can you hear it laughing?    [img src Phantoms and Monsters]

1 comment:

Boredom Blogger said...

Ugghh! What a douche!
Well I suppose that's what happens when you reach an extreme state of awesomeness.
I hope he cries himself to sleep at night knowing that your post was better than his.

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