Somewhere Between Christmas and Being Roasted Alive

Honky Da-da's had Kid Duty for something like 20 straight days (well... four actually, but it feels like 20), and -- yay -- on Monday he gets to lock himself up with the mental patients in the Family Truckster...

...and drive overtheriverandthroughthewoods to grandmother's house in SoCal for a whole week of Thermostat Wars, as grandma will no doubt have the furnace cranked past the melting point of lead, but it's a dry heat. (Da-da is resigned to sleeping outside in a thin t-shirt and thong.) There's good news, though: Da-da will be sporting his sexy new FAMILY ISSUE SWEATER VEST for T-day proper, so he can be SYMPATICO with the in-laws.

Yes, a tour of duty as A Man Called Da-da is somewhere between Christmas and being roasted alive, but the Da-da wardrobe perks make it all worthwhile.

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