Da-da's Mad as Hell and He's Not Going to Take It Anymore

Hi, Roger. Da-da's curious. Why is it you punish NFL athletes for "character issues" week after week, but at the same time allow FOX and CBS to broadcast horribly violent R-rated commercials in-between plays? At ten o'clock in the morning? ON A SUNDAY?? It's made it impossible for Da-da to watch NFL games -- and even more impossible for him to teach the game to his two young hellions, as he can't let them watch that kinda crap without a cranial enema. One minute there's a great game, teams coming together, coming apart, then BLAM: a commercial for some scary-ass movie or Black Ops guns-and-mayhem video game. (This is fine if the game invaders are attacking banks, or maybe Congress.)  And people wonder why children are either depressed or offing themselves or shooting people in schools. This isn't anything new, of course, but it's getting worse and it needs to stop.

Just to be clear, Roger...

ALL COMMERCIALS DURING NFL GAMES SHOULD BE RATED G, esp. at 10:00 am. Run PG ones at 5. Did that come across clearly enough?

Then again, perhaps Da-da should be a "Good Patriot," pay through the nose without complaint and look the other way, let his kids tune in to what Rupert Murdoch and FOX wants pumped into their sensorium (Armageddon, LIVE ON PAYPERVIEW), embrace the sex and violence passed off as video game entertainment... THEN, Roger, then... one day a few years from now, you'll be walking to your car, whistling to yourself after berating some college drop-out athlete for doing something that isn't even a crime, oblivious to the bloodthirsty pack of heavily armed ten-year-olds approaching you from around the corner, freshly programmed to show you the business end of the future. Wake up and smell the hollow points, pal.

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Lauren said...

AMEN. Amen, amen, amen.

Couldn't have said it better. Wonder what it would take to file a class action suit. Cuz frankly? It's disgusting that I can no longer watch my favorite football team with my kids without worrying about the obscenities in between the game. OR even during the game because I've heard some doozies slip.

A Man Called Da-da said...

some wag tossed the P-word at Da-da (who doesn't publish anonymous P-word comments) because Da-da won't let his kids watch bloody R-rated commercials, suggesting that he instead, "parent the kids through [the heinous imagery] like his parents did for him." Da-da is pretty sure that that's exactly what he's doing, Mr. Brown Shirt, and pretty sure your parents' tactic failed. interestingly enough, since Da-da used to be an IT guy and has all kinds of alien networking technology and all the IP keys to the kingdom, Da-da traced back Mr. Anonymous' comment... to FOX Sports. 'nuff said.

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