Machu Picchu's Hidden Face

There's so much we don't know until someone turns the world on its side. (Yes, Da-da's getting a job writing fortune cookies, yay.) Welcome to Machu Schnozzu.

Note: some sites are reporting this as an, "optical illusion." Allow Da-da to rebuke them for being weak-minded fools. THAT is an earthwork sculpture. Look at the mouth, the schnoz, the eyes and chin: that's the mark of DESIGN, not chance; the work is even mapped out a la Golden Section (do your own math, Copernicus). The ancients weren't stupid. In most cases, they were smarter and more sophisticated than us "moderns."

Besides extensive training in arts and sciences, note that Da-da spent 20+ years researching ancient cultures and secret societies, so he not only knows where all the bodies are buried, he knows who buried them.

Machu Schnozzu makes a plastic surgeon's eyes water.

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