The Legend of Grampa Scotty

As very few of you know (how could you?), Da-da's dad is a dead... uh, LIVE ringer for James Doohan, better known to the world as "Scotty" from Star Trek. People stop him all the time for autographs -- seriously -- and then get really mad when he won't sign their assorted body parts! All the folks in the small town in Idaho (where he lives) think he's James Doohan in hiding.

To test this, Da-da showed his two boys part of that long silly scene in STTMP ("Star Trek: The Motion Picture" to you non-geeks) where Scotty toddles Kirk around the exterior of the new-and-improved Starship Enterprise in a space jitney for way too long. After about a minute, the face clicked and Bronko yelled:

"Da-da! It's Grampa Scotty!"

"Whoa. Grampa Scotty can pilot a space jitney," his brother said.


Da-da's not sure what's scarier, the Scotty connection, the fact that his 5YO knows what a space jitney is, or the fact that Da-da just used the words, "SPACE JITNEY" three times in the same paragraph. (Da-da's mom is, o'course, "Grandma Scotty" for continuity's sake.)

Anyway, Da-da did the above sweatshirt for Grampa Scotty -- AND HE ACTUALLY WEARS IT -- as his dad loves sweatshirts. Any bets on how long until Cafepress pulls the plug on this little gem? I'd say about ten minutes. [And Da-da was right.] Da-da got one made and sent it to Grandpa Scotty and people STILL think he's Scotty. If he wore a Star Trek uniform, he'd make a zillion dollars at Comicon.

See? They all know you're Grampa Scotty.


CraigM said...

This is so many kinds of awesome, as is the phrase, "Grandma Scotty."

A Man Called DA-DA said...

The real bummer is that Cafepress clamped down after the first order and put the kibosh on the rest of us. Actually, it's just kinda annoying, not really in "bummer" territory. I'm looking at other shirt providers. But at least my dad got his sweatshirt -- the only one.

I've been thinking of convincing my dad -- who's pretty straight-laced -- to buy a red engineering uniform, like the one used in ST2:Wrath-O-Khan, and attend the San Diego Comicon AS Scotty. It could be his second career, signing autographs, etc. What I'd *really* like to have happen is convince him to go in green make-up and smeared bloody gore as ZOMBIE SCOTTY. He'd win every costume contest and become his own franchise. Now, this is so frightening why? Because deep down, we all fear the ZOMBIE SHATNER taking the stage, as his face did in John Carpenter's, "HALLOWEEN." It's much more of an iconic, ontological conundrum than people care to admit.

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