Monkey! Robot! Pirate! Ninja! Zombie!

Finally, something worthy of Da-da's limited cranial pressure. Here are the rules:
* Monkey fools Ninja
* Monkey unplugs Robot
Suggested noise: ee-ee-eek!
* Robot chokes Ninja
* Robot crushes Zombie
Suggested noise: ex-ter-min-ate!

* Pirate drowns Robot
* Pirate skewers Monkey
Suggested noise: arrrrr!

* Ninja karate chops Pirate
* Ninja decapitates Zombie
Suggested noise: keeee-ah!

* Zombie eats Pirate
* Zombie savages Monkey
Suggested noise: braaaaaaaaaainsss!

We could add the following trump gestures: werewolf (CLAW), dynamite (ONE FINGER) and Bruce Campbell (NO HAND); those pretty much trump all the norms, so we'd have to Nicene Creed it to hash out the hash. Anyone who comments THE DONALD will be blackballed. (Resist the human side, Spock.) Ultimately, the "DICK CHENEY CHANNELING GHOST OF NIXON," gesture wins all, the gesture itself being so simple (MIDDLE FINGER). It's a cross between this:

and this:

I mean, if you look closely enough, you can see the NIXON inside every corporate logo; even though Dick is worse, the innate mea culpa of the subliminal NIXON might make the whole AVW NIXON logo thing more apropos -- or JEJUNE, I'm not sure -- I guess it depends on whose graduate thesis you're channeling. Where were we? Is this thing on?

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