They Saved Da-da's Brain (Well, Not Really)

Luckily for Da-da, he lives with talented 3- and 5-year-old brain surgeons. After seeing Da-da this morning (full fee, o'course), they realized that SOMETHING WAS WRONG WITH DADA. Jeez, what was their first clue? Da-da always drools before 10:00 am. Anyway, behold the sorry state of Da-da's brain after a scant FIVE YEARS OF DA-DA DUTY:

Ew. Note the satellite dish and errant lizard. Da-da thought his soft tissue faired pretty well, considering; he was certain he'd have more noggin lizards by now. Regardless, after dangerous lizard- and satellite-dish-ectomies, Da-da's brain now looks like this:

Much better, though Da-da's corpus callosum still needs work. He won't be happy till his brain looks more like CHER, and less like a spoiled blancmange. At least his L-parietal and L-occipital lobes are showing better definition, post-lizard, though he technically has no R or L without a corpus callosum. Really, everyone will be sporting these new UNIBRAINS in future, starting on Capitol Hill. Ahh, the enlightenment of undifferentiation. Damn, why does Da-da suddenly feel like a giant cockroach? Gotta write a novel about this.

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