HOLE FUDS is Here. No, Really.

We're here! And this pylon is working for a better tomorrow!

Hole Paycheck... er, Whole Foods just arrived near Da-da's friend's town. Inside the parking garage, their marketing dept. decided to wax marketing dept. -- in public -- with a set of their CORE VALUES. Nothing wrong with having core values...

Whole Foods Orb... RIGHT THERE. Er... left.

But wait, there's more! Zoom to the right of "OUR VALUES" and you see this gem.

This is awesome.

It's inspiring to see Core Values put so visibly into action, esp. in communitie that so value edumacation.

[UPDATE: Hole Foods has since fixed this abomination -- 4 months later. Why did they even mount it if it was wrong? Must all be stoned on hemp-kale-sanddab smoothies... not that there's anything wrong with that. That or they're outsourcing printed signage to Bangalore.]

[T-DAY UPDATE: Whole Fuds (in another location) gave Da-da's organic and pre-massaged 35 lb. turkey away to some Grandma-To-Be-Named-Later! The one he ordered a month in advance, hello? The turkey, not the grandma. They gave Da-da's bird to some blue hair with a sob story. Wait, that sentence doesn't look right. Anyway, Da-da is SURE that gramma's famdamily needs an organic free-range turkey that was force-fed Guinness for two years while watching reruns of BAYWATCH. (Turkeys love BAYWATCH. And Guinness. Who knew?) Oh, well. On to Plan B: Jack Daniels and LIVE CRABS.]

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