Sub-Nuclear BINGO

For those (ok, one) of you who might be interested, here's a useful bingo card showcasing sub-nuclear particle classifications -- along with the (still alleged) Higgs-boson that's supposed to be responsible for all mass. And here Da-da thought it was his lasagna.

On a side note, imagine CERN's Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator (when it works, it's coin-driven) cranking super-intense, uber-BROBDINGNAGIAN electromagnetic donuts -- with sprinkles -- around its 27 km circumference over and over and over again, 100 meters below the Swiss countryside. What effect might that kind of energy have on the geophysical space-time neighborhood? I hope someone is monitoring plants and cows and people on the inner cheese ring to see if they're getting free cable... or a second head... or are reading more Joyce than other quantifiable entities. Yeah, right.

While Da-da has you (he loves this stuff), each magnet-cluster slice weighs 2000 tons AND can produce nearly 100 metric tons of swiss cheese in a picosecond (with entangled bubblage). Luckily, Da-da only has to store 5 tons at his house. Anyone have 3 million barrels of montrachet? Da-da ALWAYS has room for montrachet.

1 comment:

Kent Smith said...

"If the Higgs boson is the God Particle, then some particle physicists just turned polytheistic."


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