Draining the Bath: The Truth Behind Bath Salts Hysteria?

Does that qualify as fast food??

This may come as a shock, but Da-da doesn't trust the media. After working with them for 20 years, and seeing where things were going, Da-da is a firm believer in NOT believing anything you read from paid mainstream sources. They always have an agenda. This is not to say that private sources don't. Either way, Da-da can safely say that HE has no interest in hyping things one way or the other. Like most people, Da-da just wants to know what's really going on.

Anyway, case in point: all the alleged, "face eating" going on. (No, thanks. Da-da already ate.) Da-da doesn't doubt that this strangeness is indeed happening. What Da-da has trouble with is the vague claims about, "bath salts" primarily being to blame. Rather than accept the media's accounts, Da-da contacted a good friend in the DOJ to get the inside scoop (off the record, of course).

As it turned out, Da-da's friend had just completed some deep research on many of the XX cases, worldwide (it's happening in N. America, S. America, China and Europe), and... bath salts were only a factor in a small percentage. The common denomenator seems to be that nearly all of the perps were drug and alcohol users (incl. marijuana, natural and synthetic, cocaine, meth, etc.). Ok, now it gets weird.

Seems that ALL the perpetrators (not just some) were seeing "demons everywhere," even while sober, about a day or two prior to the attacks. This pushed them to start heavily using drugs or alcohol or both, and... well, then they went crazy, defending themselves against "demons," which were actually just people around them.

A talented psychic involved with the cases said that the perps were having their "normal defenses" compromised by recreational drugs; once inebriated, they were then, "jumped" by some negative entity. Basically,therir bodioes hijacked by... something. This is apparently common in addicts. Loved ones reported that the perpetrators seemed, "possessed," some speaking in tongues, many exhibiting insane physical strength and endurance. And many attackers took six shots to bring then down. In virtually all cases, no drugs like PCP were found to explain this "superhuman" aspect. Da-da wishes he could be less vague, but like he said, all his info was delivered off the record. Suffice to say that the truth is stranger than mere bath salts.

Stranger still, Da-da's DOJ friend mentioned that law enforcement agencies were prepped months ago by a memo warning them about, "What to do in case of a zombie attack." Everyone thought it was a joke then. They don't now.

Da-da advises people to stick to coffee (just not so much that it makes you grope people on a bus), and maintain a positive mindset. Meditate. Be calm. He'd advise you to hug a zombie, but you'd best leave that to law enforcement.

See what a positive mindset can do?

NOTE: Da-da's not normally big on "demons," but given the weird things he's experienced in his own (haunted) house, he won't rule anything out. There are definitely malevolent spirits around; one was living in Da-da's house -- and Da-da personally saw the thing trying to get into someone's body (he witnessed the effects, then spoke with the person afterward), but more on that later. Da-da even got a *picture* of the beastie, but he's kept it to himself for a while as it's just too disturbing. Now it's gone, so... stay tuned.


alanborky said...

Da-da this's one of the disadvantages of our civilization reducing everything that doesn't 'fit' to the level of psychosis.

Time after time I've come acros incidents of people killing themselves because they're 'helpfully' told told the things they're seeing and hearing "aren't really there" yet their senses're screaming otherwise.

I've lost count of the number of times I've been out during twilight saying "Ooh she must've carved those awfully sore looking crosses in her face to ward off demonic attacks" only for the other person to say "What woman? What crosses?"

Roundabout the turn of the millennium I was walking towards a local busstop packed with about 8 people (when normally there should've been none!) and I saw ahead of me this long flowing raven coloured hair atop a matchstick thin figure dressed in the most incredibly expensive looking multicoloured designer clothes for a girl in the 12-14 range (little tight jacket with very short skirt plus hooped pattern tights and state of the art shoes) but I was convinced she must be on drugs because of the incredibly weird way she was moving.

It was as if both of her legs'd been shattered in several different places and to get anywhere at all she had to move forward first one foot (followed by the severed ankle joint then the next vertebrae-like section of broken leg bone above that followed by the section above that and so) then reproduce the whole procedure but with the other foot.

It was such an alarming sight I actually momentarily wondered whether she'd been in some sort of car accident and was severely concussed.

Then as I reached the busstop she turned around to look back and suddenly I was looking at a thousands of years old corpse with a face out of Hell. The awful ashen discoloured pallor and condition of her skin and the sunken black holes for eyesockets left me in no doubt she was dead though all I could think was how the f*ck could a 'zombie' with every bone in her body shattered even get hold of kids designer clothes never mind get herself into them before lumbering up the highstreet?

When she now started slide-tottering back down the hill to the busstop I thought she must've spotted me observing her but in fact she seemed completely oblivious of me.

It was the others at the stop she now seemed fascinated by (each of whom seemed like statues utterly frozen in time completely oblivious to the world never mind 'Zombina') as she started shoving her horrendous and possibly foul smelling face into theirs scrutinizing them real up close and personal style pulling intensely astonishingly expressive facial expressions filled with such searing loathing and contempt for them I wondered if I should intervene.

Then she suddenly lowered her head down real low and made this appalling guttural retching sound and now spat directly in the face of this one particular woman who like everyone else didn't so much as blink.

But weirdly even as I watched the phlegm leave Zombina's mouth it didn't actually land on the other woman's face but seemed somehow to sail through the skin and vanish.

Then off she shuffled again with no one but me apparently able to see her and the bus queue came back to life.

My point being the last thing many people who see this sort of thing need to be told is it's all in their heads because it was spouting this same "you can't be seeing such things they don't exist" dogma which led to many people going off their rockers when they were originally told they weren't 'seeing' sounds and 'hearing' colours because everyone knows such things aren't possible.

Vicar Lee said...

Well, it's about time, sir. Thank you for being up front and direct about this business when so many others are not. As a wizard (I'm not kidding and I am a gainfully employed professional to boot - wizarding is a bit of a side thing) I want to share with you that your theory makes sense to many of us interested in the occult from both Christian and non-Christian perspectives. There are discarnate intelligences in our world and from beyond, and the primary proof for this is behavior like we've been seeing lately in the news. It's also evidenced by a long chain of historical accounts and the simple fact that in a vast universe, such things almost HAVE to exist. Your advice to others could not be more cogent and on target, either. Keeping a positive mental attitude and one's spiritual center well grounded is a good way to protect oneself and one's loved ones.

Also, I've meant to comment before - I really enjoy your writing. And as a Dad, I want to say, I get it.

A Man Called Da-da said...

Thank you very much for your insight and kind comments. Da-da would be a poor gentleman scientist if he didn't acknowledge that we know very little about the world in which we live, and an open-mind is paramount not only to understanding, but also being able to talk to people without judging them in half. Da-da takes pride in allowing his children the opportunity to SEE what they see and hear what they hear, validating their experiences when really no one else would. And thank you, Vicar. Da-da has SO always wanted to say that!

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