Escape From Glitch Mountain

Um, that's big. About three times the width of the EARTH.

Check this out. Da-da's covered a lot of NASA's, "anomalies" tracking near the sun the past few years, but these latest instances are amazing. Something very very big is moving very very fast in straight-line, FTL acceleration. FTL is, "Faster-than-light." There it is, folks. Let's hope they're here to protect us from ourselves. (Above and below images courtesy, TruthBehindtheScenes.)

Note that, if a clued-in alien species really wanted our attention without scaring the pants off us, they might appear over and over again not only in our skies, but also in front of something we had lots of cameras pointing at (um, the sun?). Here's the awesome compilation video:

Aaaand here's Da-da's Rogue's Gallery of NASA's other recent, "glitches."

This from the same day as the above images, different satellite.

Those are gravity waves coming off the sun. Note that the sun rings like
an enormous bell from the millions of nuclear explosions going on
inside it every second. The sound waves alone would atomize you.
Oh, and that's a gigantic space Dorito, by the way, launching smaller objects.

These were the metallic spheres that started it all.

Sure, one pic could be a glitch. Two maybe. But not all of them, NASA-pants. Not from multiple satellites run by multiple countries. Like the Fed and the Not-So-Sweet 16 Central Banks, maybe NASA's the glitch.

There's there's Da-da, who's a glitch trying to ESCAPE FROM GLITCH MOUNTAIN:

"Honey, why did we buy a house atop a big spooky rock skull, again?"

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