Friday Night Spooky: Got Simulacra?

That's actually a spooky video still, but it's not active. You can see it HERE.
Is it just Da-da, or is this recent peak-energy clip from the X-1.4 solar flar from the July 12th blast the spookiest looking damn solar flare ever? Besides the ferocious, bearded Masonic triangle death-hat firelord guy -- with some weird energy figure inside the triangle -- there are what look like FACES everywhere. Da-da's hoping this is a good thing... but they all look pretty grumpy. Got simulacra? Can Da-da even spell simulacra?

Da-da for one is sending a massive giggle tsunami out into space to DEFEAT this lame-ass grumpfest -- unless it's a GOOD thing. Then Da-da will merely be tickling happy mojo spirit friends (HMSFs). Either way, the energy will be here at 09:17 UT (5:17 am EDT) tomorrow, Saturday, July 14th. Weirdest thing is it's due here at the exact same time Da-da's oldest boy, Nagurski, was born exactly seven years ago.

Happy Bastille Day, everyone. Happy b-day, Nagurski. Let's hope your candle isn't lit by the sun.

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