Lost Horizon, Regained

C'mon you apes, you wanna be unenlightened forever?

Da-da knows that all the banksters and war mongerers and profiteers of the world, despite their worst apocalyptic intentions, cannot thwart or dispel the spirit of hope flowing unchecked through our projected screen of reality. These fiends may do their worst, may destroy our entire system, but then again... it wasn't much of a system, anyway. And those fiends haven't really done anything that lasts so very long. They are your brothers, your relatives, and even awful relations deserve a second chance -- after you've sobered them up, made them lose weight and burn all of their velour sweatpants... and disarmed them, o'course. That which is loved never dies. Except maybe velour sweatpants. And we all have friends in high places. And we all now have the opportunity, even those of us who've done so very wrong, to not only DO THE RIGHT THING, but to rebuild the world in a way that we can all be proud of, giving ourselves a future we can look forward to, and that will be good for us. (And yes, you can always buy more velour sweatpants.)

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