MSNBC: "The Fed Caught Red-Handed"

You can wake Da-da now, because he passed out after he saw that this ran on MSNBC.

MSNBC! And it ran on March 24th?? This must be a news test balloon to see what people would do with it. What happened was... it never got seen. Till now.

Like Da-da's always said: It's not Federal. It's not a Reserve. And it's not a Bank. What is it? It's a PARASITE, one that will guarantee that your children are on the same silly fiscal treadmill you and your parents and your grandparents have been on since 1913. Check out this early 1900s cartoon describing the new Federal Reserve plan, set to be ratified (without Congress' approval) in 1913.

A cartoon from the early 1900s. Note that, the "Nat'l Reserve Association" was changed to,
the "Federal Reserve" to make it sound more governmental.
And who knew that giant rapacious octopi liked donuts. Or is it barfing donuts into the NYSE?

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Anonymous said...

This is all starting to leak out to the main stream media... finally. We just need to KEEP THE HEAT on them. We will soon be posting new petition and email campaign info as well as protest ideas. We just need more people following this group and we can use resources from the Tea Party, Occupy and other groups. THEY win as long as they can keep us arguing with each other.
WE need to come together with people we wouldn't normally work with to bring these criminals DOWN! Spread the word, others have carried the load of exposing this activity. Now we the people NEED to come out and make it a major issue in the news and in this political cycle.

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