The Best Reason to Watch the Olympics?

"All Zargon Blasters must be returned after the main event. Have a good game."

Sure, the Olympics gives everyone a chance to wave flags and parade about the human drama of athletic competition, blah blah blah (how many people can we feed on the amount of money spent training these athletes? oops, sorry), but what's really compelling this Olympic year is the rumored appearance of what some term, "The Cabal's" fleet of faux-UFOs (or the projections, thereof), creating a "false flag" operation to fool the world into thinking that an alien invasion is occurring. Da-da's not making this up, but maybe someone else is.

The intel is coming from Da-da's Pentagon and DOJ contacts, who are some pretty straight, sober people. (Perhaps a little too sober and straight, but they do always seem to beat Da-da at poker.) Anyway, the plan by, "The  Cabal" -- defined as those 1%ers who've gone "Rogue Civilization," leapfrogging our crummy pedestrian variant because they have all the money and alien technology -- is for something to occur during the closing ceremony, allowing the Powers That Were to declare martial law and suspend all freedoms... like they haven't done that alreeady?

So, why the closing ceremony? Because if said alienage happened during the beginning or middle, ir would cut into TV ad revenues! THAT was the bit that made it real for Da-da, as with all things on this planet, it's all about the money. Anyway, it might be crap, but then again, if something weird happens, don't assume it's what you think it is. Parenting teaches one to take things at face value, so Da-da's just reporting what he's heard, first-hand, and since fear is easily overcome by laughter, just laugh at the cheesy alien production values and turn your tongue in the other cheek -- or better yet, someone else's tongue.

The Cabal leader in a rare public appearance outside the Federal Reserve.

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