Your Basic Pre-Apocalyptic Rapprochement Synchronicity (or "Why Da-da Ain't 'Gunnin' fer 'Squatch ")

Don't do it, 'Squatch.

Ok, this is weird. Da-da was flipping through his littany of bizarro news sites while Bronko and Nagurski were watching aftersnack/snickersnack TV (they're deep into, "Timeblazers," an awesome show out of Canada; the subject for said episode was, "Living in North America 300-odd years ago"). Anyway, right in the middle of it, Nagurski, who's gonna be seven soon, glances over at Da-da and says, "You know, I think Bigfoot is just misunderstood." Da-da blinked at this totally out-of-the-blue, plate-o-shrimp, non-sequitur, big-word Delphic utterance and asked, What?

Nagurski repeated what he'd said and went back to his show, which had nothing to do with Bigfoot, hello? Now, note that Da-da never talks about Bigfoot, or any out-there subjects with the boys -- except when it come to ghosts (for obvious reasons), and fielding the occasional UFO/alien question. Da-da asked Nagurski where that odd Bigfoot thought came from, and Nagurski said he didn't know, it just came to him. Perplexed, but ready to push on, Da-da then clicked on a link someone suggested (without reading it) and saw this story pop up:

The Habits and Whereabouts of the “Sasquatch” aka “Bigfoot”

This past week, I had several wonderful conversations with a gentleman named Thomas Hughes.  Thomas has been communicating with numerous Sasquatch since his first encounter in April 2008.  He has a wealth of knowledge about their existence and whereabouts, some of which he shared with me.

Sasquatch are gentle and playful giants.  They range in height from 6 – 15 feet and live to an age of approximately 120-140 years.  They are natural pranksters and are caretakers of Mother Earth.  What I mean by caretakers is that they have adapted themselves to the planet instead of trying to change the environment to suit them.  These beings have the ancient knowledge of plants and the way this planet operates.

Like humans, there are a variety of different species and they reside all over the world mostly in the mountain areas.  Obviously, they prefer dense forest areas where they can thrive and be hidden from human populations.

Sasquatch are highly intelligent, multi-dimensional beings who used to reside on a planet called Malduk, which is now the asteroid belt.  When their planet was destroyed approximately 300,000 years ago, they migrated to other planetary systems by teleportation through the use of pyramids, and some by space ships.  These beings live mostly in small, close-knit communities.  Their decisions are based on how it would affect the whole group and not just the individual.

They have the ability to raise their frequency just enough to be able to become invisible to humans.  They fear humans – seeing them as their greatest threat. So, most of the time, they go invisible when humans are around to avoid being hunted and killed.  Sasquatch are aware they are seen from time to time.

Some Sasquatch communicate with humans who are not perceived as a threat.  The method of communication is similar to the way channelers communicate with other multi-dimensional beings. Respect, trust and accepting them as equals are tools to gaining their trust.

The Sasquatch tends to sleep during the day, but are usually up and about by the late afternoon.  So, when you’re in forest areas at those times, have your camera ready.  You’ll never know what you’ll capture on film.

I asked Thomas questions regarding their eating habits, mating, and how they act as a species overall.  He said that they eat both meat and vegetation.  They do eat animals when hungry and will leave the scraps for other animals to feed upon as well. I asked if they would kill and eat humans. The answer was a loud no. With their giant size and strength, they could squash us with one blow.  However, unnecessary violence is not part of their nature and is unacceptable in their culture.  Instead of having a confrontation with a human, they will run away faster than one can ever imagine.  In general, Sasquatch’s do not kill unless they are being threatened or are hungry.  However, there are a few who are outcasts and cannibalistic. These outcasts are shunned by their own kind.

Their genetic and emotional makeup is very similar to that of the human race. Most have mates, with some having more than one. Unlike many humans, they highly respect Mother Earth and blend in with the elements of nature. Sometimes, these giants can be heard imitating nature sounds. And, they are also able to speak multiple languages in addition to their own.

Another question I asked Thomas is that I heard their odor was unbearable to smell.  He said this was true, for the reason that dirt acts of kind of a protective coating for them during the different seasons.  Bathing is not as important to them as it is to us. Dirt is just another natural element – like the air that they breathe.

The Habits and Whereabouts of the "Sasquatch" aka "Bigfoot"

Plate-O-shrimp. BUT... it makes some kind of sense. Besides gray matter attrition due parental numbing of the senses, Da-da's seen and experienced so many weird things in his scant 197 years that he's worn down into taking everything at face value. So. Ok. For whatever reason, we're supposed to be softening on Bigfoot's (Bigfeet's?) "monster" image. Da-da will go with that. He's here for you, Sasquatch. Therefore, you rednecks who are idiotically and publicly, "gunnin' fer Squatch," might wanna lay off the sourmash and stand down the big bores, 'cause that creature you're (vainly) hunting, should it exist, could invariably prove to be more sensitive and intelligent than you. Might as well go back to throwing rocks at the T-Rex, for what good it'll do ya. T-Rexes LOVE rednecks, btw. Raw.

Sometimes, there ARE enough rocks.

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