The Last and Final Tax Day of The Greed Epoch

The IRS is READY, baby. (Psst, hand on the handle... ready?)

This icky, doppio-millennio chunk of human history we've been enduring for the past 2000 years will one day be known as the Greed Epoch (or The Real Dark Ages). That's the bad news. The good news is that it's almost over. Really. It's all changing, behind the scenes, for the better, and nothing in the universe can change that. Notice that more and more generals are "going rogue"? More and more people are standing up for... people? And more and more business concerns are cutting ties with all Fox-like fear corporations and media? Yup. Get ready to be shocked... then get happy.

Sure, there might be a hiccup or three along the way, but it's Da-da's prediction that THIS YEAR you'll not only get to wave bye bye to those corrupt politicians and unfair wealth distributions and rampant corporate greeders and hater radio -- and existing taxation structure -- as they are all going the way of the dinosaurs, you'll also get to see them go down. And NO, this has nothing to do with politics. Da-da eschews politics. This is the first tenet of The Sandworm Party, of which Da-da is the founding member and Stilgar-at-the-Reins. (If you just wondered who Stilgar is, your Geek Factor is unreadable, which is probably a good thing.) Anyway, all will soon be changing, so take solace. This time next year, things will look very different.

You guys are SO hosed. And no, you can't park that there.

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