Poetry Corner: Da-da's Brain is Still Missing

Here's Da-da's entry for "The Painted Bride" short poetry contest called, "Sidecar #12." Entries have to include the words: "gyrate," "gap-toothed" and "God." 
Da-da's Brain is Still Missing

Gap-toothed no-neck monsters
screech and gyrate in 6YO
floppy soliloquoy: bed time.

Meanwhile, Da-da's Swedish au pair
lies on a tanning bed blocks away, texting admirers
over blue hawaiians before booming for Vegas.


But the joke's on her: she left
her birth-control God in the bathroom,
and conception is its own reward.

And still, Da-da's brain goes missing.

 You, of course, must like Da-da HERE. Jeez, how could you not? Da-da slaved over that poem (which he lived) for well over five minutes.

Oh. THERE it is. Powering a casino in Vegas. Huh. At least someone got some use out of it.
(Psst... bet it all on 22 Black.)

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