The End of Hot Shoes?

Da-da's been warning of this for a while now, ever since the sun began showing signs of changing its polarity underpants. Jeez, hurry up. Because of this growing geomagnetic sympatico, and what with all the extra solar megawattage streaming into the earth's poles (making lots of pretty auroras), we've already seen increased earthquakes, but we might begin seeing more instances of volcanism, too.

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano (say that three times fast) has now been joined by Puyehue volcano in Chile. These aren't major eruptions, but if there are a few more like this (or worse) in the same hemisphere, then something's up down deep and our little interglacial epoch will invariably reap the climatic fruits... jeez, who talks like that? Bleah. Basically, the planet is already trying to cool naturally, and a few more volcanic pops will turn that cooling mechanism into a serious Frigidaire maquiladora. No need to panic, o'course. It's just Earth 2.0, now with Weather 2.0! These minor alerts are merely FYIs designed to predict future rain jacket sales and generic hunkerability requirements. Your shoes were already on fire, lady... but maybe not for long.

Those hot shoes might be cooling off.

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