Rabbit Hole or Rebirth 2: Your Eventual Fun Future

Now we can extrapolate as to the cause of a lot of the underground noises. (Someone's having their toys taken away, boo hoo for you.) Anyway, here's the latest on all this, and here's Da-da's first post so you don't fall in a pothole: RABBIT HOLE or REBIRTH 1. And...

No matter what's going on, like any good parent, Da-da's just here to help the ballclub. Aaaand, it looks like we all have something to look forward to. Well... most of us. Da-da is breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to seeing his boys graduate from Starfleet Academy. Da-da will be one of the proud ship-board janitors. Careful, Captain, the floors are wet, but the plomeek soup's ready. Walking feet, Captain, walking feet.

Yeah, Da-da's a geek. What was your first clue?

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