Unsuccessful Parenting Strategies Meet With Success and Other Inspirational Nonsense


Recently Da-da read about a 23-year-old mother who left her 2YO and 9MO kids on her mother's doorstep (presumably to ride grandma's ostrich) late at night. Reprehensible, o'course (and it shows you that once you're a parent, you're one FOREVER), but this did give Da-da an idea. Da-da's since left his own children (for the day, officer) on the doorstep of the Buck Institute for Aging so they can determine why Da-da's children have not only made him into such an old man in such a short time, but also to determine what skin conditioner he needs to keep from looking like solid rock. Good luck, guys.

Da-da undergoing special anti-aging therapy at the Redundancy Institute of Redundancy.

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