Mother's Day Post-mortem

Hi, honey. Looking good today.

The best thing about Mother's Day -- besides being compelled by Corporate America to buy cards and flowers and brunch, what a racket -- is the fun things kids make for mom. Bronko and Nagurski's respective schools had them do questionnaires about their MOM, which Da-da has compiled below, unedited (the underlined portions are what they wrote in). Enjoy.
From Nagurski: "My Special Mom"
My mom is the most wonderful mom in the whole world! She is as pretty as a butterfly. She weights 5 pounds and she is two hundred feet tall. Her favorite food is goldfish crackers. In the good old days, when mom was little, she used to like to sleep. I think mom looks funny when she
is hugging me. I wish mom would stay home everyday. I wouldn't trade my mom for all my stuffed animals! Happy Mother's Day, Love Nagurski.
Yes, that's right. Da-da married a lepidoptera -- a BIG ONE. 
From Bronko: "My Mom"
What is your mother's name? MOM

What does she look like? what color are her eyes and hair? What does she like to wear? The same big eyes as me. Brown hair, feather wings. She wears different clothes almost every day.

What does she do for work? She works with moms. [She actually doesn't.]

What does she do at your house? She cleans up.

What do you do together? Do puzzles, watch the chickens. [NOTE: we have no chickens.]

What makes your mother happy? Hugs and kisses make her happy; flying.

What does she do for fun? Clean up the house.

If you could give your mother a prsent, then what would you give her. Why? A flower. I think she likes flowers.
So, to sum up, Da-da's sleepy, giant, feather-winged butterfly-spouse clothes-horse apparently likes to clean and has a thing for flowers. What giant butterfly doesn't like flowers? But what's weirder is that Da-da MARRIED SUCH A CREATURE, which probably surprises no one, not even Da-da.

When MOM picks up the kids from school, it's an EVENT.


Anonymous said...

Why is Mom, according to Bronko, cleaning house so much? Isn't that your job?!

A Man Called Da-da said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A Man Called Da-da said...


Indeed, this *is* a part of Da-da's job description, O female writing in anonymously. For the record, Da-da cleans about as much as Ma-da does, but Da-da often performs *his* cleaning duties while the kids are in school, so they don't see it. Ma-ma typically cleans IN FRONT of the kids, so to them she appears to clean more. Wait... let's do this. Da-da will apply the same questionnaires to the kids and see what they say. Stay tuned. (If they say Da-da is lying around eating bon-bons and watching Oprah all day, then you got Da-da.)

(Sorry for the previous Da-da comment deletion, Da-da found a redundant word and there's no way to edit.)


A Man Called Da-da said...

Check that. Teachers have informed Da-da that a DAD version of the abovementioned questionnaire is in the wings, so let's be patient and compare in a month.

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