The Hitler Channel

Hitler liked to sew fear amongst his enemies (jeez, who doesn't?), and so does The History Channel -- except they do it to everybody. What once offered a decent historical overview (years ago) of various subjects -- most of them involving Hitler until all this fundamentalist, apocalyptic fervor began -- The Hitler Channel and Hitler International have denigrated into a morass of questionable programming, much of which revolves 24/7 around Armageddon and the Apocalypse and Nostradamus and the Mayan calendar (which says nothing about the world ending) -- that is, when it isn't serving up some of the most reprehensible depths of the horrid genre that is Reality TV. Indeed, it's gotten worse. The Hitler Channel now pollutes the airwaves with commercials highlighting their end-of-the-world fear mongering. And it's not even 2012, yet. Heads should roll at The Hitler Channel... hopefully during French Revolution Week (July 14th).

If this is where television is going, is it any wonder that the current crops of young people (who are savvier than previous generations in terms of knowing media brainwashing and manipulation when they see it) are turning away from TV to internet fare? If thine eye offends thee, wear a colored contact lens. If thy screen lies, pop it with a ball peen hammer. Be sure to turn it off first -- the screen not the hammer: it's tough to achieve enlightenment when you're dead.

NOTE: Terry Jones', "BARBARIANS" series, shown on Hitler Int'l, is worth watching.

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