Da-da Got Raptured After All

Da-da can see your house from here.

Hi, all. Yeah, so Da-da got Raptured (they were backlogged). He's currently sitting at a gynormicon weigh station in the clouds, sipping espresso and awaiting his number to be called (Da-da has ticket #4,989,342,007). Luckily, they have free wireless Internet here and free netbooks -- and this amazing espresso machine -- so Da-da's posts go on for... uh... hold on, there's an announcement... ah. They just called #4,989,342,001 (they're crankin'), so Da-da's pretty close. More news after Da-da's number's called.

Wow, the music here is first rate -- and LIVE. Martin Denny is currently onstage with Miles Davis doing a techno-polynesian cover of the Clash's, "London Calling," with bars of 5/8 sprinkled with 17/32, Woody Guthrie and C.P.E. Bach doing tropical bird calls. Amazing.

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