Going UP... or Not

(image courtesy Elevator Bob)

This just in. Escalators for the... uh, larger members of Rapturian society have been appearing everywhere in anticipation of the main event on May 21st (a.k.a, the RAPTURE). Those who might put more strain on the machinery than others (like Da-da, but muscle weighs MORE than fat, hello?) might want to show up early (and flash the barcode tattoo under your hairline). Da-da's always straining machinery of some kind or other.

Note: most of these escalators go UP, but some of those pesky DOWN escalators have also been appearing (like this one in the Pentagon, see below)... and they look oddly compelling. Next stop: The Blood of the Vanquished. See you all in the lounge. Da-da will be in the off-white sequined smoking jacket. (No, you can't go with Da-da, as he'll be taking the DOWN escalator from The Big White Spirit House, as he already secured a, "Purgatory and All Points South" hall pass from the Big Kahuna, Who's cool with... well, everything. Most of you think He's ANGRY all the time, but you're so wrong. Man, is He MELLOW.)

(image courtesy lecasio)

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